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charger seems broken, but USB-C just isn't reversable on charger side

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Senior Member
Dec 26, 2010
I've ordered two devices so far, each came with a different charger. Mine came with USB-C on both sides, the one for my son came with USB-C on one end, 'older' non-reversible USB on the other.

Mine seemed to stop working, when I tried to charge the phone on a train ride and I was mightily pissed because good chargers are hard to get.

Didn't have a matching dual USB-C cable at hand, to check if it was a charger or cable issue, but it sure wasn't a phone thing as my son's charger worked just fine.

Eventually I tried again one day and--loo--it just worked. Reversed and bent the cable at the phone side to check for an intermittent fault: No change. Reversed the cable at the charger side and--yes!--that's the source of the issue: Evidently the USB-C connector at the charger side isn't reversible...

Still shaking my head while I'm typing this, but glad I didn't have to hunt down a new charger or cable!


Senior Member
Apr 18, 2015
I have the regular USB (charger end) to USB type C one. The last few days it has been playing up. Left it charging to find that it had reached around 70% then stopped. Unplugged and then tried again on a different socket - nothing. Tried with a different cable on a different phone - nothing. Left it a while then tried it again - worked. Disconnected, reconnected - nothing. Since then it has seemed to work after it has been left alone for a while, but not if disconnected then reconnected. Odd.