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charges but then again no charge??

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Jul 18, 2007
ok so i saved my prime agian loving my tablet back to work now it booted up with CM9 everything good i charge i see its charging i unplug i see it sayz connect charger i do this leave it a few hrs same thing so i decided to put Jellybean 4.1.1 ROM from fresh yes i wipe partition ,factory,deb,and battery boots and everything it sayz connect charger so i was like ok charging i left it there for hrs charging and i go back to grab my tablet unplug same thing i left it next day charging grab it again same thing now this is the weird pard i unpluged my prime left it on top of my computer test wit out charging it go out side come back hrs later clicked the power/turn on screen still on now my question is wat it could it be that its still like this and its on full power as we speak check the image i posed it and look @ the time and it was unplug with no charge and look @ the battery status wat can it be doing that?


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