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Charging while connected

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New member
Oct 27, 2014
OTG + Charging USB cable, find it on amazon: DECEC® Harrier Cable Portable USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B Data and OTG Cable USB Charge Cable

Unfortunately, this product actually does not allow the OP's device to simultaneously charge and act as the USB host device. The DECEC product has a switch for toggling between its two functions:
1. OTG Host Mode:​
Allows the OP's device to connect to USB peripheral (slave) devices and power them. This mode will also charge peripheral devices.​
2. Data Cable (Charge) Mode:​
Allows the OP's device to charge via an external power supply or via another USB host device (i.e., laptop).​

Read the Q&A for this device on Amazon (go to Amazon and search for "Micro USB Male To USB Female Host OTG Cable + USB Power Cable Y Splitter"). The Q&A indicates that users have been able to use it for simultaneously charging a Nexus 7 and having the Nexus 7 act as a USB host device. One user mentioned that a custom kernel is needed to unlock this capability of the Nexus 7. They also recommended that a powered USB hub be used to ensure that the USB peripheral devices don't draw more power than the Nexus 7 can supply.