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So, you're seeking to join a fraternity at XDA College, though you tried to visit the 'prestigious' Omega Theta Pi House's (un)invitational party but were not welcomed there. So you end up next door at Chi Delta Alpha House, where we will make our "legacy", and If we find you urinating outside the fraternity house, we may still allow you to pledge -as we need the dues. The dean of the College wants to remove the ΧΔΑ fraternity from campus due to repeated conduct violations and low academic standing. Since we are already on probation, he put the Chi Delta Alphas on something he calls "double secret probation" and orders have been put in place to rid the Chi Delta Alphas permanently.

So, to cheer ourselves up, the Chi Deltas Alphas have organized a toga party; however, Otis Day and the Knights will not performing "Shout". Occasionally, to take our minds off our troubles, we may take the occasional road trip and pick up girls, stopping in at roadhouses, and we may flee after being intimidated and subsequently receiving damages to our borrowed car. Though the draft boards have been notified of our eligibility, our midterm grades are so poor that we have been expelled. When I spoke to the dean about this, I ended up vomiting on him. Anyways, was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?! Hell no it wasn't. Time to stage a rogue parade and wreak havoc on the annual homecoming parade...​

Governing Body and Founding Fathers of Chi Delta Alpha (ΧΔΑ):

"Bluto": Apex_Strider (Drunken Degenerate, Chi Delta Alpha Godfather / Creator) Intro to Apex_Strider

"Flounder": QuantumFoam (Pledge Representative to the Social Committee / Trollmagnet) Intro to QuantumFoam

"Otter": Axis_Drummer (ΧΔΑ Fraternity's Rush Chairman / Future Gynecologist in Beverly Hills) Intro to Axis_Drummer

"Boon": ppero196 (ΧΔΑ Fraternity's Resident Toga Appreciation Advocate / Frequent Mannequin Supplier)

"Pinto": cascabel (A shy but normal fellow, who has been rumored to have a spotted, erm, Johnson. Hence the nickname)

"D-Day": deathnotice01 (Total Slacker With No Grade Point Average; All Classes Incomplete. His Later Whereabouts Are unknown)

"Stork": Prawesome (Not Mentally Challenged, As Some Previously Thought, But Rather Independently Wealthy As A Result Of Several Patents He Holds) Intro to Prawesome

"Deathmobile": 1962 Lincoln Continental (Once Concealed By A Parade Float In The Shape Of A Birthday Cake, With The Words "Eat Me" Emblazoned On The Sides)

Pledging to Chi Delta Alpha Fraternity:

A big part of pledging is becoming familiar with the fraternity: learning about every single member, bonding with pledges, and learning about the founding members, the history of the fraternity. The other big part of pledging is proving oneself worthy of being made a brother. Will the pledge uphold the ideals of the fraternity? Will he be someone they're proud to call a brother? Will they be willing and able to meet the requirements set forth by the governing committee during their pledging period?

The pledges will undergo exercises of loyalty and trust. Pledges and brothers may also have a pledge project they work on together. If the brothers feel a pledge has completed his pledge education to their satisfaction, he can be initiated into the brotherhood. The actual initiation ceremony is shrouded in mystery. It may take several hours and involve chanting, robes, blindfolds and candlelight. The pledge will be initiated into the secrets of the fraternity, from secret mottoes and grips (handshakes) to passwords and the meanings behind rituals. He will be sworn to secrecy.​

Pledge Criteria:

  • Pledges will be expected to change your current avatar, or if you do not currently have an avatar uploaded, to this.
  • Pledges will be expected to also add this line to your forum signature, and be used for every post made here and in other forums/sub-forums: "Sent from my muffin" (or a variant of)
  • Pledges must address every official member as "Sir", until you have been initiated into the fraternity and have become official members, at which time you will be referred to as "Brother".
  • Pledges will be expected be active within the frat house thread, and show respect to the founders, official members, and adhere to the rules of XDA as a whole.
  • *Pledges will be expected to conduct themselves herein and elsewhere in accordance to the fundamental ideals that this Fraternity was founded upon. Any Pledge/Member/etc. who is found to be acting in defiance of this rule will be reprimanded, reported, suspended, and/or dishonorably discharged from the Fraternity.
  • Pledges will be expected to rate this Frat House thread as being 5 stars -"excellent"- because, well... it is.
  • Pledges will be asked to complete a 'task of trust', which may include something completely ridiculous or slightly embarrassing which will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel and posted here as well.

Pledges Should Be Expected To Follow The Pledge Requirements For Two Weeks, After Which Time They Can Be Initiated Into Chi Delta Alpha And Become Official Charter Members As Well As Eligibility To Be Voted Into Fraternity Officer Positions, Along With Having Their Names (And Nicknames Given) Added To The OP, Becoming Full-Fledged Brothers Of Chi Delta Alpha.

Current Pledges: (Nicknames Are Subject To Change)


Current Fraternity Chapter Officers:

Charter Members Of Chi Delta Alpha ΧΔΑ Fraternity:

Probationary List (These Individuals Are On Evaluation To Determine Their Ability To Pledge):

Former Members & Discharged Members:

Unofficial Members Of Chi Delta Alpha ΧΔΑ Fraternity:

M_T_M (Former Athletics Coach and Resident Chapter Moderatrollololol)

I trust that anyone who enters the brotherhood of Chi Delta Alpha Fraternity understands the imperitive need for respect, understanding of our ethos set forth, our reputation seen by others throughout XDA, and the desire to build quality, long lasting friendships with others. Remember, this is all for fun, to get to know others, and for friends made elsewhere to have a place to enjoy each other's company. Let's not allow things to get out of control, so be respectful, be considerate.​

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Choice of Pledge's Avatars

Pledge's Avatar Choices:

Here is a few choices for Pledges to use as their avatars, during their pledge period. These avatars are to be proudly used during the two week pledge period, and will be listed in order of their respective level of corresponding 'task of trust', which must be completed during the pledge period.

  • Awesome_muffin_by_Speyedur.jpg

  • cupcake.png

  • A0wvA20991.jpg

  • 22161778.jpg

  • dry-donkey-bran-muffin.jpg

  • evil-muffin.jpg
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Feb 27, 2012

For the promulgation of the noble purposes of brotherhood which caused The Chi Delta Alpha Fraternity to be founded, and which were enunciated as follows in the preamble to the constitution, adopted in 2012, we do hereby adopt this constitution: "We the representatives of fraternal organization of the Chi Delta Alpha ΧΔΑ Fraternity, believing that there is a need of a fraternal organization both for the developer's site and for the individual, and in order to secure a closer brotherhood and to give permanence to a central organization, do hereby form and establish "The Worldwide Fraternity of Chi Delta Aplha."​


We consider fraternal organizations responsible for a positive contribution to xda developers, and therefore, under obligation to encourage the most complete personal development of its members intellectually, morally, and developmentally. Therefore, we declare: The purpose of Chi Delta Alpha, shall be to establish, maintain, govern, improve and promote the welfare of a fraternal order to be known as "Chi Delta Alpha" (the “Fraternity”), which shall have for its objects: the mutual benefit and assistance of its members; the binding by closer bonds of its members one to another; the assisting of needy but deserving young men to obtain a higher education; the fostering of high achievement among its members; the extending of true charity to those who need such assistance; the promoting of good citizenship; the training; and, by all means within its power, the inculcation and the extension throughout the land of the highest ideals of honor, charity, tolerance, and true friendship.​


The Fraternity shall consist of the its Governing Body, Fraternity Officer Positions, Active Charter Members, and Unofficial Members established and existing from time to time at, Chi Delta Alpha Chapter, and the members and New Members of the Fraternity. No other fraternity shall be deemed to be a constituent part of the Fraternity, but nothing in this Section shall limit the right and power of one or more members to form any such fraternity, association or other entity for assisting the Fraternity or one or more of its active chapters in achieving the objects of the Fraternity.​


Except for the entities and individuals identified by the Governing Body of Chi Delta Alpha or the Governing Institution of xda developers, no entity or individual shall have the right to use the name “Chi Delta Alpha Fraternity”, or the combined Greek letters for "Chi" and "Delta" and "Alpha", or the Coat of Arms of the Fraternity, or any recognizable variant of any of the foregoing, as a part of its name, or to identify itself or himself, or to claim an affiliation with the Fraternity, without the express written permission of this Fraternal Organization and its Members, which permission may be limited to a stated period of time.

  • The Governing Body of Chi Delta Alpha shall advance fraternal values congruence, alignment, and the continued relevance of xda developers;
  • The Governing Body of Chi Delta Alpha shall work to influence the structures; and programs, and traditions in existence that are not in congruence with our shared fraternal values;
  • The objectives and activities of the Governing Body of Chi Delta Alpha shall be in entire accord with the mission/vision/goal of the institution at which it has chapter, and with that of xda developers;
  • The Governing Body of Chi Delta Alpha shall promote conduct consistent with good morals and good taste, and modeling values congruence.


The principle of the fraternity shall be that indicated by the Greek phrase for which the name stands. The purpose of the fraternity shall be service to XDA and its members to the fraternity and to the individual.​


Section 1. Classes

Membership in the Fraternity shall be limited to male persons of good moral character who have been initiated in accordance with these Bylaws and the Ritual, and shall be of two classes: (1) those found to possess the character, ability, and willingness to support the fraternity and its principles shall be the basis of eligibility for membership. (2) Unofficial Members, being all other members. There shall be no other classifications of membership, such as “inactive”, or “social”, or “local”.

Section 2. Membership for Life

Any person joining Chi Delta Alpha Fraternity becomes a member for life, except that he may be expelled for cause as provided in Section 2 of this Article VI, and no member of this Fraternity shall, under any circumstances, become a member of any other similar fraternity; provided, however, that the Grand Chapter may, upon petition of any member of the Fraternity, or upon its own motion, release a member, whether Official Charter Member or Unofficial Member, from his membership, and may also waive the prohibition of this Section upon becoming a member of another similar fraternity, in either case upon approval of the Executive Director. Any individual released from membership pursuant to this Section 2 shall not be permitted to resume membership in the Fraternity unless initiated and after approval of the Governing Body of Chi Delta Alpha.​


The fraternity shall be composed of the Governing Body, the Official Charter Members, Officers, Unofficial Members, and comprised of the Pledges that continue to build the Fraternity, coordinated by the Governing Body and its Founders.​


Section 1. Admission

Any individual eligible for membership in the Chi Delta Alpha Fraternity may be elected to pledgeship by the chapter. An eligible individual is: a member of xda developers site, and is a member in good standing of the site, and shows to possess the necessary attributes that the Fraternity would impose, expect, and adhere to. The chapter shall elect one of the alternate methods described here to elect a pledge to membership as a brother:* No man may be barred from membership unless a minimum of three negative votes be cast against him. Any properly initiated member in good standing of the local fraternity shall be eligible for initiation into the fraternity.

Section 2. Suspension

A Member of the Governing Body of Chi Delta Alpha may suspend an active member for due cause. The A Member of the Governing Body of Chi Delta Alpha and its Officers shall be notified immediately of any member's suspension.

Section 3. Honorable Dismissal

Any member may resign from the fraternity, at any time, for any reason. In exceptional occasions in the best interests of the fraternity, however, a member may be honorably dismissed from the fraternity upon the recommendation of any Member of the Governing Body of Chi Delta Alpha by a three-quarters vote of its members. A member honorably dismissed from the fraternity shall surrender his badge, membership card and any insignia proprietary to Chi Delta Alpha upon dismissal. The fraternity as a whole shall be notified immediately of any member's honorable dismissal.​


Section 1. General

  • (a) Chapter Bylaws may be adopted and amended from time as an active chapter deems advisable, provided that they in no way conflict with the rules, expectations, or conduct expressed by xda developers, or with any resolution of the Governing Body or of the Grand Chapter, or with any written directive of the Fraternity President which has been distributed to active chapters.
  • (b) References in this Article V to “members” shall, unless otherwise specified or unless the context clearly requires otherwise, mean members of the active chapter in question.
  • (c) Except as otherwise specifically provided in these Bylaws, the vote to approve a particular active chapter action, and the members eligible to vote concerning such action, shall be determined by reference to the active chapter’s Bylaws or otherwise determined by the active chapter.

Section 2. Active Chapter Officers

The officers of the active chapter shall include a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, marshal, chaplain, historian, scholarship chairman, first guard, second guard and recruitment chairman, and shall rank in the order named. In addition, each active chapter shall appoint a risk management chairman. Bylaws of active chapters may provide for such other and additional officers as such chapters may desire; provided, however, that additional officers shall be inferior in rank to those named herein, and none of the officers named shall be
eliminated. All officers of the active chapter shall be undergraduate members of that active chapter.

Section 3. Election of Active Chapter Officers

(a) Effective December 1st, 2012, Officers of each active chapter shall be elected annually in January for one 3 month term, except when a chapter is granted permission by the Governing Body to hold elections on an alternative schedule for good cause shown. The term of office of any officer shall expire at the installation of his successor, unless otherwise approved by the Governing Body. No person shall hold two of the offices listed in the first sentence of Section 2 of this Article V when another person holds none, except by the unanimous vote of the chapter.

(b) All officers enumerated in the first sentence of Section 2 of this Article V shall be elected by vote of the chapter. The election of each such officer shall be by two-thirds majority vote; the nominee receiving the majority of all votes cast being declared elected. In case no person receives such a majority, the president shall immediately state that there has been no election and announce the names of the two candidates with the greatest number of votes, but shall give no other information regarding the ballot. The members shall then vote upon these two names, and a majority shall elect. In case this shall result in no election, the president shall again announce no election, but no other information in regard to the ballot. The election of such officer shall be then postponed to the next regular meeting when the above rules shall again govern. On determination of a successful ballot, the president shall announce the name of the member so elected, but shall give no other information in regard to the ballot. No record of the ballot shall be kept except the name of the member elected.

Section 4. Removal of Active Chapter Officers

(a) Before any elected officer may be removed from his office, at least one-third of the members of the active chapter shall prepare and sign a statement of charges, setting forth their reasons for the proposed removal. This statement of charges shall be submitted to the chapter president. If the chapter president is the officer in question, then the charges shall be submitted to the vice president. The president or other officer shall then schedule a meeting to address the charges in accordance with the procedures specified in this section.

(b) A separate statement of charges, which does not contain the names of the members who signed the statement submitted to the president or vice president, must be given personally to the officer in question at least seven (7) days before the meeting is held regarding the charges. The statement of charges must also contain the day, date, time and place of the meeting. Members of the chapter must be notified of the day, date, time and place of the meeting through the most expeditious form(s) of communication for the chapter.

Section 5. Absence of Active Chapter Officers

In the event of the absence of any officer(s) at the formal opening of any meeting, the president shall appoint a member or members to fill the vacancy or vacancies during the absence of the officer(s). In the event of the absence of the president and vice president, the next highest ranking officer who is present shall preside and shall fill any vacancies as provided above.

Section 6. Duties and Powers of Active Chapter Officers

  • (a) President: The president shall preside at all meetings of an active chapter, perform all duties expected of the president of a parliamentary body and organization, and have the privilege of voting on all questions and all candidates for admission to membership in the chapter. In the event of a tie vote, if the president or acting president has voted, the motion shall be declared lost. The president shall oversee the general operation of the chapter and the performance of his fellow officers and shall serve as a
  • representative of and spokesman for his chapter.
  • (b) Vice President: The vice president shall officiate in the absence of the president with the same powers and privileges as the president. The vice president shall oversee the internal operations of the chapter, supervise all committees and committee chairmen, and assist the president in carrying out his responsibilities.
  • (c) Secretary: The secretary shall keep an accurate, complete and impartial record of the meetings and proceedings of the chapter, and shall have custody of these Bylaws, chapter Bylaws, meeting minutes, member records, and other records of the chapter, except for those pertaining to the treasurer or any other officer as specifically provided. He shall be responsible for submitting all required or appropriate forms to the Governing Body, in connection with the registration of New Members, requests for initiation, and the recording of new initiates. Except as otherwise provided, he shall process and respond to all correspondence from the Governing Body.
  • (d) Marshal: The marshal shall be responsible for the education of New Members of the chapter. His responsibilities shall include development and conduct of the entire fraternal process, and shall continue until the New Members have been properly prepared for initiation. He shall assist the treasurer and the secretary in the filing of forms required by subsections 4(c) and 4(e) in connection with the registration of New Members and the initiation of members. He shall at all times serve as an example for New Members and members to follow, and shall make certain that no hazing practices are allowed to take place in the educational program or otherwise, or tolerated under any circumstances. He shall make certain that every New Member is assigned an undergraduate member as a big brother or other mentor to assist him in learning about the Fraternity.
  • (e) Chaplain: The chaplain shall conduct devotional exercises at all appropriate times. He shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the Ritual and for safekeeping of all items used during the Ritual. He shall be responsible for keeping the Ritual books secure and in good condition, but accessible for all members to review. He shall use every opportunity to educate the members about the Ritual.
  • (g) Historian: The historian shall maintain written and photographic records of chapter activities, events, occurrences, awards, achievements and honors. He shall keep a permanent record of all undergraduate and alumnus members and shall inform the International Headquarters of address changes for such members on a regular basis. He shall seek to obtain, collect and preserve all historical and archival items and materials and keep these in suitable containers or display areas.
  • (f) Member Promotion Chairman The member promotion chairman shall design and implement programs to promote, encourage and recognize high achievement by members and new members, and shall monitor and report on the chapter’s standing from time to time. He shall be responsible for assisting any member or new member in obtaining appropriate assistance.
  • (g) First Guard: The first guard shall be custodian of the chapter meeting room. He shall guard the door during meetings and admit no one but members of the Fraternity. He shall also assist the chaplain in preparation for and conduct of the Ritual.
  • (h) Second Guard: The second guard shall assist the first guard in the discharge of his duties.
  • (i) Recruitment Chairman: The recruitment chairman shall conduct the recruitment and bid process, document all relevant actions and activities.
  • (j) Risk Management Chairman: The risk management chairman shall establish, and educate all members and New Members with respect to, policies, practices and rules which shall ensure that the chapter is at all times in compliance with the requirements of the Risk Management, Standards, and Insurance Manual of Theta Chi Fraternity and that the health and safety of members, New Members and visitors at chapter functions is safeguarded to the maximum extent possible.
  • (k) All of the foregoing officers shall share responsibility for the overall compliance of the chapter with these Bylaws, the Ritual, the Bylaws of the chapter, and other applicable rules.


Members of the fraternity shall conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner which befits gentlemen. Members of the fraternity shall observe the regulations of xda developers with regard to the use, observance, understanding, and adherence of all rules, expectations, and conduct, and shall at all times avoid intemperate conduct which would lead to injure the reputation of the fraternity, xda developers, or any of its affiliates. Public informal initiations by any undergraduate chapter of the fraternity are forbidden. No informal initiation, or any other chapter sanctioned activity, shall consist of anything immoral, demeaning, obscene or endangering to the physical or mental health of the individual.​


Amendments to this constitution may be presented at the level of the Governing Body or in writing to the Fraternity Officers in charge of relations of pledges, members or unofficial members to the Governing Body. This constitution may be amended by the Governing Body by a three-quarters vote, provided the proposed amendment has been circulated at least sixty (10) days prior thereto.​


This constitution shall become effective as of December 1st, 2012 and shall supersede all previous constitutions of the Fraternity.​
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To any prospective pledge:

Your decision to join the brotherhood of the Chi Delta Alpha ΧΔΑ Fraternity, and subsequent initiation to the fraternity requires you to do a few simple things. First, changing your avatar and forum signature for two weeks as listed in the pledge requirements in the OP, and a 'task of trust' to be completed at some stage during your pledge period.

In doing these few things, you, as a pledge to the Chi Delta Alpha ΧΔΑ Fraternity, will help is spread the word throughout all of xda as a whole, and will gain us respect, interest, and growth.

I expect only great things to come from this initiative, and know that with the combined efforts of these worthy, exceptionally willing, and undoubtedly devout members of xda developers, we will become an integral part of the members to interact, gain friendships, and establish a community that is second to none.

I welcome all to pledge, become members, and be an active function in the social development of both the individual, and

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Hahaha nenameyer.. Dead! Wormer... Dead!

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Hahaha nenameyer.. Dead! Wormer... Dead!

Just my kind of thing here. Toga.. toga.. toga.. toga..

But hey, we can't let them take the whole f'ing bar this time ;)

Sent from my MB865 running a beastly CM10

sign up for Dropbox with this link
and we'll both get an extra 500MB free..

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