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    xda 2013 theme is dead. Long live xda 2013 theme
    Well, here's one pic.
    And yeah....
    Who the heck else would I have photograph my wedding but @jaszek
    There's no other logical choice. [emoji41]
    Besides, he did a lovely job, I... On the other hand looked horrendous because I woke up sooo sick that morning at like 4am. By the time the ceremony rolled around, I was barely holding on
    I left my own wedding reception early because I needed rest (yeah, that bad)
    Also, hi [emoji16][emoji847] 582612473.jpeg

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    Are we still alive
    Hope you all are doing fine and beating Covid! Coincidentally @Sleepy! found me on a different forum today. Stay safe Frat!
    It's crazy going through old posts from years ago. I was here!

    See you guys in ten years