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Cheap ali unit

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New member
Jul 29, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S8+
Seen many posts about the cheap yt9216bj unit and also one member which upgrades is which is very nice! I have some questions regarding my 2GB Ram unit:
- When playing music using radio, youtube or bluetooth my 670w rms monoblock works like a charm, very good bass but when using spotify on the radio there is bass but not that much. (No Eq in spotify settings also already adjusted built in eq)
- When playing youtube video in 1080p the quality is pretty good and no lag but when using "Flitsmeister" (Dutch navigation app) it is constantly lagging and takes ages to boot up.
- Spotify is pretty slow to

Saw some things about rooting ,what would be my profits to only root my unit?
Android: YT9216BJ_00012_V001
System version: Android 9.1 auto edition
XY AUTO: B6.8 (X2)
CAN Pro: 3.7 (X2). no Pro
DDR: 2G Flash: 16G
CPU Model: A7 1.3GHz x4
Resolution: 1024*600
MCU1: 4.0 (X2)