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Sep 27, 2008
Toronto, Ontatio
Long time browser here but first time poster and I have a question for you knowledgeable people.

Have an option over here to get a Flame or a Tytn II.

Any recommendations on which one to get?

Always been a WM fan but I switched over to the dark side (Nokia) a few months back and now Im going back to a windows mobile.

Which one of the above two would you lot recommend??Btw the Flame is a wm5 and the tytn is 6.1.


Go for the HTC Tytn II, I own a Tilt myself and so far its been the best Windows Mobile Pro device I've had. It has 128MB of RAM with 256MB of ROM, a sliding keyboard, a 3MP camera, a pretty good GPS, and has a graphics accelerator. (which didn't come with proper drivers, but good-old XDA developers have come up with a D3D driver to fix that :D) I couldn't ask more in a pretty portable phone. (other than a VGA screen)


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Sep 22, 2007
Anyone knows about the two WMP UI plugins on Core Player 1.2.5.
can be found under "Tools/Preferences/WMP UI plugins":

nvwmpplugin plugin

(Both are unchecked as they are unknown to CP)

I have another WM5 device and there I dont see these..
So there is something more on Flame! :confused:

What is their use? I found no effect checking them...
Any ideas please??

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