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Jul 18, 2015
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Typical AOSPA, one broken release and drop it like a stone.
I know beggar's can't be choosers but their release cycle was just as bad when I had my OnePlus 7 Pro years back.
Yeah, I'd contribute money or resources to AOSPA if I liked them enough. I really do like their ROM, I just dislike that the device builds don't get updated. I donate to kdrag0n for their work, and I'm in talks with pranavasri to possibly donate my crazy powerful server's resources to StagOS.


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Jul 18, 2015
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I built bliss, it has few bugs they forgot mention. No face unlock yet and 1080p fp not working

Revert this to fix 1080p udfps.

For face unlock pick the last 5 commits from here:

libs from here:


For Settings:

After that pixel face unlock should be working just fine.
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Nov 12, 2008
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    Here, you may find an up-to-date (as much as possible) list of XDA-compliant ROMs for Pixel 7 Pro "cheetah". Please note, however, that most of these are also available for Pixel 7 "panther".

    Note [17 Feb. 2023]: It has come to my attention that some of the links here may not be intended to be public at this time. However, I have only been given one specific example (which I have accordingly removed from this list). If any other builders/developers/authors out there would like anything in this list removed, you need only ask and I will comply out of respect for the work that you do <3

    Full ROMs:
    Generic System Images (GSIs):
    If you know of any other ones, including GSIs, please comment and let us know!

    By the way, here is a Telegram channel where frequent news updates to various Pixel 7 and 7 Pro ROMs are posted. It does not require a Telegram account to preview it:

    Google has updated their Terms of Service for Google Play. They're reasonably easy to read and understand, and for once it's not an overwhelmingly large amount to read.

    [11 April 2023: Updated crDroid download link with new XDA forum post link.]
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    There is another bunch of ROMs on Telegram.
    But don't forget that we are here on XDA and we are not an annex of Telegram ;)
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