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Jul 29, 2008
I just received my review unit of the Cheotech Fast Wireless Charger. This charger costs 34 dollars on amazon. It supports auto-dimming so you don't have to worry about a glowing puck at night.
Just wanted to update this post with a $8 off code. Here is the code number: FOX9T3SJ Enjoy!

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Jul 24, 2007
I am looking forward to getting mine here and testing it out compared to some other chargers.

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Nov 11, 2008
Can the lights be shut off completely? I'd like to have one of these on my night stand but wouldn't want any light.


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Jul 19, 2011
I received my charger from Choetech today and left my review on amazon, I have copied it here as well for the folks at XDA.
Feel free to ask any questions, I will try to answer them as best I can.

First, this is an amazing charger. Choetech always makes good products.
I received this in 2 days and set about testing it.
I was going to make a video showing off this thing fast charging on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but I see that there are already 2 excellent videos up showing that. So instead I will show you the things they did not highlight as much.

OK, the quick charge 2.0 wall plug you can get with this is the best one I have ever tried. Just like the other Qualcomm certified chargers, you will get the self adjusting voltages (12v-9v-5v) to give you a super fast charge. The extra you get with this Choetech quick charge 2.0 adapter is the USB port on it is reversible! This is the first charger I have seen with this and I now think everything should have this.

Ok now to the real reason you are reading this. The charging puck itself is a nice clean looking puck.
It is defiantly thicker than the cheapo ones you get for a few dollars. It has some heft to it making it feel more premium.
It has rubber top and bottom to keep both the charger from slipping on your desk or the phone from slipping on top the charger.
It will most defiantly charge your Note 5 or other Samsung devices quickly.
It will also charge your older devices as well. I tested it on a few LG phones in addition to the Note 5.
I noticed no abnormal warmth from the charger or any of the phones I tested this with. This is a very welcome thing as most of my other qi chargers do have heat issues.

One final thing, I tested this charger on my moto 360 and it charged it flawlessly. Most qi chargers fail here and will overheat this watch, this one did not and it charged my moto 360 from 19% to full in about 35 minutes. that is about 15 minutes faster than the stock charger does.

I have attached some pictures and may upload a video in a day or 2 after I have some more time to test this gem out.

I received this product in exchange for an honest review, this does not affect my opinion of this product.


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Jun 12, 2008
San Diego
My Review

Hey guys and gals, I received my CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charger a few days ago and wanted to add my review to this thread.

It starts off with nice packaging with color graphics on the front and information about the charger on the back. Once you open the package up, the fast wireless charging puck and included USB cable are both neatly and safely inside. The fast wireless charging puck has a piece of protective plastic on it which you will need to remove before charging.

The wireless charging puck itself is very nice. It's small and compact, has a nice gloss finish to it and has a rubber ring around it so your phone won't slide off of it while charging. The bottom also has a rubber ring around it so the puck won't slide around on whatever surface you put it on. I know this is pretty standard fare at this stage in the game, but very nice touches for a very fairly priced fast wireless charger.

How about performance? This is the most important aspect, right? To put it bluntly, it's fantastic. Compared to the Samsung branded counterpart of this, it performs admirably to say the least. And at basically half the price. I have consistently been getting about 8% charge every 10 minutes. Very respectable and performs up to spec as far as I can tell. If my math is correct, you are looking at about a little over 2 hours to charge from 0-100%.

I've also noticed that the charger has a fairly large sweet spot. You don't have to be perfect with putting your phone on there, it will charge off center. Another nice feature is the auto dimming. In bright light, the charger has green lights that glow while you are charging. The lights turn blue when you are fully charged. In low light, the lights get much dimmer. In the dark, the lights turn off completely. This is an awesome feature for people who are sensitive to lights while trying to sleep.

Overall, I highly recommend this charger. It charges fast (as advertised) and is sold at a great price. It is also well built and the auto dimming feature is very welcomed and a great addition that I didn't expect at this price point.


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Jan 31, 2009
I charge over night. I would assume this would stop charging once full right? So its safe to leave it on the pad till morning... I normally unplug in the morning


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Oct 21, 2010
Seems to connect easily as long as you place it near the center. In the video I posted I remove and connect a few times,each time it registered fine without having to adjust placements.


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Jul 7, 2009
Hi All,

I also just received the Choetech Quick Charger and absolutely love it! My initial impression is that the build quality is superb. It has some heft to it and seems to be built to last. The top and bottom have rubber grip zones to prevent the charger and phone from sliding around on my desk. I also like how the LED shuts off when the room is dark (great for sleeping) as I always hate bright lights at night.

As other reviewers have mentioned, it can charge the phone from 0-100% in about 2 hours which is about an hour faster then the normal wireless chargers. There's no way I would recommend buying the Samsung quick charge variant over this version as it is half the cost with the same functionality.

I haven't had any issues with the charger detecting my phone using the Spigen Liquid Crystal case and would assume that any slim fit case would be just fine.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with the product and would recommend it! Please reach out to me if you have questions. I'll do my best to answer them in a timely manor.



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I charge over night. I would assume this would stop charging once full right? So its safe to leave it on the pad till morning... I normally unplug in the morning

I charged mine overnight and woke up to a full charge. The phone wasn't hot (and neither was the wireless charger) so I'd say that it is safe to use overnight.
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May 25, 2010
When the phone is 100% charged does the charger receive the charging complete signal from the Note 5 and cut the power output from the Choetech charger? Or is the charger at 10W all the time?

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    I just received my review unit of the Cheotech Fast Wireless Charger. This charger costs 34 dollars on amazon. It supports auto-dimming so you don't have to worry about a glowing puck at night.
    Just wanted to update this post with a $8 off code. Here is the code number: FOX9T3SJ Enjoy!

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    Please do that. Am interested if the Samsung runs cooler due to its internal fan.

    One time my phone reached 42 degrees C after overnight charging with the Choetech. Way too hot for my comfort.

    Here are the results of my weekend testing on Choetech Fast Charger vs Samsung Fast Charger. I used the Choetech QC2.0 charger that came with the unit and the Samsung QC2.0 charger that came with it's unit. All results were recorded in the Battery Monitor Widget. Phones were started at charge indicated and left on the charger overnight. Phone was in a thin Ringke SLIM case.

    Choetech Night 1: Avg temp 29.3., Max temp 32.6, Peak charging mA 1712, Charge started at 66%
    Samsung Night 2: Avg temp 30.8, Max temp 34.7, Peak charging mA 1896, Charge started at 59%
    Choetech Night 3: Avg temp 29.1 Max temp 30.6, Peak charging mA 1816, Charge started at 80%

    I would add that in the morning taking the phone off the charger, the phone only felt slightly warm in all 3 scenarios. On a previous night, not recording, the Choetech phone felt warmer when I took the phone off the base (which is what prompted the testing above).
    Received my replacement & have been using it for a couple of weeks now. It works fine except for the fact that the charging puck gets extremely hot during overnight charging & causes my phone to get very hot as well. So hot that the puck is unbearable to touch. Doesn't happen every night but it has happened a few times already.

    It's a shame cause I really like the compact size & look of it. I also like the dimming indicator lights. I'm not happy with the heat issues so it's going back to Amazon.

    I ended up purchasing the Samsung fast wireless charger. My first thought was that it's so much bigger than the Choetech & thought that I would not like the bigger size. However I now actually prefer the bigger size. My N5 is much more stable sitting on top of it & it is more forgiving on placement to start charging. With the Choetech I often got the Wireless Charging Paused message & have to reposition.

    The only thing I don't like about the Samsung is the indicator light does not dim but I do like that it turns a different color when the phone is fully charged, a feature the Choetech did not have. Best of all, the Samsung puck does not get extremely hot nor does it make my phone hot. Of course it's probably the result of the fan. The case on the Samsung puck is plastic where the Choetech has an aluminum base which I also liked, gave it a nice feel. My guess is they choose to use aluminum as a heatsink instead of using a fan.

    Not sure if I received another defective Choetech but I'm not willing to try this model for a 3rd time. I'm happy with the Samsung but I plan to try out more the upcoming Choetech products. Hope my luck is better then.

    I've had a similar experience with the Samsung and Choetech fast chargers I purchased. A couple times during overnight charging with the Choetech my phone became uncomfortably hot, reaching 42 degrees Celsius. On other nights, heat was not an issue. When charging with the Samsung, my phone has become warm, but seems to never exceed 36 degrees Celsius.

    Out of curiosity, I used old 2A wall chargers from my Note 2 & 3 to power both wireless pads. It's amazing to see the difference in heat output, as my phone reaches a max temperature of ~30 degrees Celsius. Fast wireless charging works, but dramatically increases heat production. Just concerned about potential long term effects on the battery.
    I got the white version of this CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charger at Amazon. I use it with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & the fast charging is working great. This can be purchased with the pad on it's own or bundled with a fast charging wall adapter.

    I have been using the cheotech wireless charging pad for a week, and I notice the phone gets hot all the time, even when it is 100%. The temperature of the phone is around 93-95 oF. I usually leace my phone on the pad before I sleep and wak up taking it out from the pad. So, is it normal that the phone is still hot on the charging pad when it's already at 100%, because when I use charging cable, the phone goes back to normal temperature when it reaches 100%?

    Might be normal with the Choetech but it's not "normal" in general IMO. I do understand the phone will get hotter than with cable charging but it shouldn't get that hot. My first Choetech worked for literally 10sec & died. Got a replacement & used it for a week. I noticed my phone being fairly hot off the charger but had nothing else to compare it too.

    In the week I used the Choetsch it worked fine. But occasionally my phone would be very hot off the charger even after fully charged for sometime. I don't have any temp readings but the last time that I used the Choetech with my phone being hotter than other times, I happened to feel the Choetech which I never did before. The puck was so hot that it was pretty uncomfortable to hold. My guess is that heat is also somewhat transferring to the phone. That high of temp was unacceptable to me & that was it, I returned it & got the Samsung fast wireless charger.

    Not sure if I was unlucky twice with defective units but I was not willing to try a third one. Been using the Samsung one ever since & my phone nor the puck has ever got nearly as hot as it did using the Choetech. There's a reason why Samsung decided to put a fan in the fast wireless charger.