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Chinese head unit and SD Card stopped working

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Senior Member
Feb 18, 2010
Hi guys

Bought Android head unit from AliExpress:
Head unit specs: Brand name - XONRICH, 2GB + 32GB, 7", Android ver 9, RDS, GPS.. No CANbus Box, SD Card slot.. and some extras, nothing so specifically special.
SD Card tested and was working fine, could play the music etc, no problem.
As usual like other Head units this one has some Microphone issue, cant really hear anything much. So opened the the unit to see if I could find anything which I could sort out to make Mic work, but didnt help.
Instead the SD Card has stopped working, now no matter how many time I insert or eject the card, the unit does not recognise at all.
I made sure all the connections are correct, and also checked the SD Card is working on PC, so the card is fine.

What is the problem here?


New member
Aug 10, 2010
Hi jdwis

I am happy for you if you could something working.

I did also buy a head unit 6GB RAM and 128 GB ROM in July this year and for me the situation is rather worst.
In summary, the list of items not working:
Rear camera is not working,
No sound from the media player,
iDrive not working,
AUX input not working

and even worst, the support is asking for a video in order to give support and if the system is not reacting to the iDrive, I don't know what to send to the seller.

I wouldn't recommend buying this unit.