Chinese Motorola Edge X30 Flashed with a Global Rom?

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Nov 6, 2022
Ok I have read much on the net and since I have no idea how to flash a phone or do any mods I will ask my questions here .
I am considering a Edge X30 (Chinese Version) from china where the seller will flash a Global Rom on it before shipping.
Here is what they say in the description:

"1. All the mobile phones in our store are original, Chinese version. We will open the package of this mobile phone, install and test the global rom. The global version supports multilingual and ota updates."

Now I think that if the bootloader has been unlocked to re flash the Rom it cannot be locked again and that is why it is not suppose to be able to get OTA updates
so I am wondering if the above claim by the seller is true?
I would consider the CN Rom and just put Google on it but I do not want the Chinese Apps that you cannot remove or any chinese language.
Other sellers of the same phone say no OTA if they put the Global Rom on it but this seller says it will OTA and they say they are "Motorola store"
so maybe they know more?


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Apr 24, 2013
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I've been using the CN version for most of this year without a problem. Everything works as it should using Google including Pay.
There aren't too many Chinese apps & all can be removed except the Moto apps themselves. Have installed all app's easily & have had several updates as well. Only negative is battery but I could say that about most phones. I would stay away from the global version IMO but of course it's up to you


Nov 6, 2022
Thanks for the reply.
I will consider the CN Version as long as I can delete or uninstall any useless Chinese apps .Are the Moto apps same as a phone from USA?
Did you download Google Play Store App and others like Google Maps etc?
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