Chips Challenge For Android,Windows Mobile or Other GBA Emulator

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Aug 21, 2008
I saw this and thought it might be useful. Its for gba Emulator. Its made by a user. Very fun works great. Its great for people who love chips challenge and want it on android :)




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Jun 17, 2012
[GAME] Chip Challenge Remake

Hi everyone, we are pleased to announce our new mobile game Chip Challenge for Android.

Google Play:

Logical and insights turn-based game that will test your brain and fast fingers

Logical and insights turn-based game inspired by classic Chip's Challenge. In 110 levels you will test your brain and your skills to complete each level in the smallest number of moves as quickly as possible. Levels are stacked by the difficulty from easiest to very tricky, which are a real challenge.

The task is to collect all the chips in the shortest time and minimize the number of moves to deliver chips to the processor (CPU). Your way will complicate obstacles, locked doors, moats, but also enemies and dangerous turrets. Each level is unique and your best results are recorded and compared with the results of other players when you are online. Every level shows the current top players both in terms of time and in terms of the shortest path to overcoming levels.

Levels 0-50 are completely free. Levels 51-110 are premium and are divided into two packages. After buying the premium package levels, these levels are playable offline and you don't have to be connected to the Internet.

Thank you