Chromecast (and only chromecast!) makes my TV repeatedly turn on and off by itself

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New member
Apr 19, 2016
I have a LG 42ld450 TV that seems to not like my Chromecast very much. Whenever I plug it from either HDMI port, it just goes berzerk for no reason and turns on and off repeatedly. Sometimes it eventually proceeds to display the stream as normal for hours, sometimes it just lasts a little while before resetting over and over. It seems to be entirely random. I have disabled CEC to no avail. It works fine with my other TVs.

Could it be an electrical problem? I have it connected to a power strip that is connected to a power cord that ends in two prongs (even though it has a three-pronged input). However, I doubt it could be this since it only happens when the Chromecast is plugged in.


Senior Member
Jan 4, 2012
If you have a friend who as a chromecast , ask him to do an exchange for a couple of days for testing purposes ..
Then you'll know if it your tv or chromecast
10$ its your tv or if you can turn off simplink in lg setting see if that help

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