Chromecast as DLNA server - and more

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Feb 17, 2010
I recently bought a couple of sonos speakers. I, as many others, am not impressed with the app they provide. Also, in many cases it is redundant. They now support spotify connect, but there is no plans for supporting the chromecast protocol. I would like to be able to cast anything from my phone, and just play whatever I'm casting on sonos. That way, I can more or less stop using their app and use casting instead, which is properly integrated in Android.

So... I have some ideas on how to accomplish this. Hence this thread. I list all three alternatives, feel free to suggest others :) I guess the only one really relevant to posting here is the first one. I have a 1st gen chromecast lying around. Although I haven't tried to root it, I'm guessing some smart folks here have done so. I also have a Nexus Player. And a raspberry pi... I am willing to buy a chromecast audio if that solves my problem.
1. Chromecast solution. Sonos does support radio URLs. I could create my own radio channel and broadcast whatever it is I'm streaming. This is most elegantly done by rooting a chromecast, and have it run a DLNA server. Is this possible? Preferably without spending months of time. First, I would to need run a DLNA server on the chromecast, I'm guessing that is doable. Second, I would need access to the audio stream. Either by having the DLNA server directly access the audio stream (if possible), or changing the audio output stream to a loopback and accessing it indirectly. Have anyone done this or similar before? Like running a DLNA server? Any hints? I should note that I'm fairly Linux-savvy. This is definitely technically possible, but is it a possible without spending enourmous amounts of time?

The rest of this post isn't really relevant to this forum, so feel free to skip it.
2. Raspberry pi solution. Buy a usb sound card with spdif in, connect a chromecast, and stream the input to my DLNA server. Fairly cheap solution, but seems excessive as the chromecast really is a computer, and should be able to do this by itself. Also, I might meet a wall with encoded audio streams. I could always go for a digital->analog->digital route though, but I'd rather go digital all the way.
3. Sonos solution. Buy a Sonos Play 5, which have optical input. This is definitely the best solution, but also very very expensive. I might be doing this in the long run.

Thanks for all tips!