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Chromecast with Google TV ad blocking

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New member
May 6, 2021
I'm trying to figure outdifferent approaches and I kind of run into a wall here.

I don't just want to block youtube ads, I want to block all ads within the Chromecast. I'm somewhat tech savvy but not advanced with routing. So far I've side loaded adguard onto the Chromecast and installed it successfully. However, I've not found a way to install the certificate for https. I've been looking into ways to do that but I'm not sure it's possible.

I bought a raspberry pi to try to figure out how to do adguard and managed to install it but then somehow I couldn't log back in so that's another mess I'm trying to figure out.

Thirdly I've already screwed up my router so I might as well try to figure out how to install open wrt.

Can anybody give me some advice about which way to go and what's the best method? Or am I missing something? Like rooting the Chromecast? I've always rooted my phone's I mean it will that make a difference?
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Senior Member
Apr 20, 2019
There is currently no root for Chromecast with Google TV.

You should be able to block ads via PiHole but you'll probably run into problems and need to whitelist some links depending on what apps you use.

There's also apps like this that you could use or VPNs with ad-blocking built-in. Though, apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and some others can tell if you're using a VPN on it sometimes. I've also never been able to really block ads on those on Google TV.

I have a paid VPN with adblocking but what I mostly do is use apps like SmartTubeNext (SmartYouTube predecessor now that it's defunct) and then I'll use Lucky Patcher to patch out ads on any really ad-heavy apks. However, this can't be done for apks like Hulu, Amazon Prime (free w/ ads section), etc.


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Aug 8, 2012
OnePlus 5
I've used Blokada to try to block ads, without luck. I've tried blocking almost everything google, I only ended up having Google TV think it's offline, and would not provide access to the applications list.


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Nov 16, 2014
Google Pixel XL
Google Pixel 4 XL
I have a raspberry pi with AdGuardHome and it works on apps, but not on YouTube since they're served from the same domain.

Casting from phone to TV will show up ads no matter what. So the best alternative is to use smarttubenext, which is great and updated frequently.

I wouldn't root it even if it was possible though, you may break your widevine level.

If you have any doubt regarding AdGuardHome you can send me a pm or telegram