Chromium based webview for Jellybean ?

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Dec 25, 2011
I upgraded to Neatrom v6.4.1 which is based on slimkat 4.4.4 kitkat and found new chromium based webview very friendly with kinds of website i use. But battery life was terrible on kitkat. Phone goes out within 1.5hours with Wifi on when browsing. I switched back to Jellybean on my Galaxy S2.

I want to know is there any way to implement Chromium based webview instead of Webkit webview ? Because IMO Webkit webview sucks(especially for desktop sites) and it also has vertical and horizontal scroll lock(which i hate). I downloaded Dolphin browser + Jetpack add-on(no scroll locks in jetpack,yes!).

But with Jetpack enabled performance suffers alot and websites started to lag. Dolphin's jetpack has it's own rendering engine which i like but performance is terrible and it freezes all the time. Without jetpack , dolphin switches to default webkit web-view.

I would like to have Chromium webview on my Galaxy S2 if possible!