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Citaq H10-2

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Aug 1, 2021
A while ago I reset a H10-2 that had a RK3386 Rockchip. I did this by means of the restore button on the motherboard. In doing so I'm having trouble finding a working print driver for the Seiko serial printer that is imbedded in the unit.
After some research I found a print proxy driver but it no longer works. After installing the app, it requests registration in order to use the print proxy. Now that's fine, but it does look like it has been abandoned and I can't register the app.
I have found an app on the stock image called POSFactory. This is basically a test software to run for engineers. Things like audio test, display test and so on. However, it also has print test and does some comprehensive print tests to the thermal printer, including a self test print.

I'm looking to get this printer working for the android system and wondered if anyone could advise me how to do this please.

Platform RK3368 (Octa-core 8)
Ram 2gb
Android 5.1.1
Not open for further replies.