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RealLifeReview Dude
Nov 2, 2015
The Vivo V20 Pro has a crazy crisp display. Just kidding, this is automated text so who knows if this screen is any good. So, you be the judge! A higher rating indicates that it's extremely sharp and clear, and that you cannot see pixels with your naked eye.

Then, drop a comment if you have anything to add!
oops, I just realized this is the resolution section, not the speakerphone. Sorry, will repost on the right place. Well, theresolutio is clear. I think we've come to the point where every phone above 300$ has an acceptable 1080p screen

Such emptiness...

I wrote an emtire essay here but accidently deleted it.... :⁠'⁠(

The speaker is terrible. Insane peak at 2khz and no bass, which is not surprising with speakerphones. Well anyway, here's the EQ preset that I use with Poweramp Equalizer to make it sound liveable (I've attached the preset file, open it with/in Poweramp EQ):

Unfortunately, the eq only works with media player apps. That means, sh*t audio in games without earphones..


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