Clean OS 4 [ROM] (Stock based ROM) (Exynos,Snap4g,Snap5g)

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Nov 8, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

no matter what I try, I get a bootloop Latest SAM G-781ROM ONEUI4.1 flash with ODIN
Setup without SIM card with Google account
Unlock bootloader
vbmeta_disabled.tar in AP slot and reboot wipe data
TWRP flash AP in Odin Flash
TWPR Flash Clean OS 1.5 or V2 or V2.1
TWPRP Flash Boot.img or Prime Kernel 2.0
Reboot and there is a bootloop
I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.
It works with Clean OS v1.4. V1.4 includes the Prime Kernel, V1.5 or later does not.
Do I have to patch the Prime Kernel beforehand, if so how?
all the methods you seemed to be doing are correct but can you try to update to the latest version of oneui and try with newesr v2.5 builds


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Nov 8, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
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Feb 11, 2011
Hello, It doesn't work on the G781b. Version 2.5 also has a bootloop, with April Boot.img I give up. Post 1 is also no longer updated. Nowhere is written from the Boot.img. If the rom works I would also pay money, but not like this. I'm disappointed. Only V1.4 works on the G781B
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    Clean OS by Ayan

    This rom is based on stock OneUI for Galaxy S20 FE. It is based on November patch but I assuring monthly updates whenever next month's security patch is released.
    Visually its no different from the stock rom as I have not changed any thing drastic to maintain stability. Purpose for building this is that it is TWRP Flashable and it can be used to flash stock rom over a GSI without needing to flash everything from ODIN.

    Please Note


    * Your warranty is now void ( anyway it got void when you unlocked your bootloader :p)
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or your getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * Some Bugs might happen because of stock firmware so don't blame me for them. Report them to me I will see if it is possible to fix them from my side
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Do it at your own Risk

    1. Unlocked Bootloader
    2. Custom Recovery
    3. Stock Firmware
    • DEBLOATED around 70-80 apps making system lighter
    • Build Prop Tweaks
    1. Call End Delay Fixed
    2. No Performance Drop in Battery Saver ( 60 hz display though)
    3. FPS Cap Remover ( MIn 60 fps and Max 120 fps set)
    4. Faster Booting Enabled
    5. Vulkan Enabled
    6. RIL wakelock optimization
    7. Audio Improvements
    8. Improve Ram Management
    9. Improve Audio and Video
    10. Faster Streaming Videos
    11. Disables Built In Error Reporting
    12. Boot & Shutdown Animation FPS Boost
    13. Better Signal
    14. Better Call Voice Quality
    15. Disables Error Checking
    16. Increase jpg quality to 100%
    17. Camera Tweaks Supports Google Camera (Not sure if it works for everyone)(But gcam opens up with less lag)
    18. Dalvik Virtual Machine Tweaks
    19. FPS Stabilizer
    20. Better Internet Speed
    21. Auto DImming Fix
    22. LiquidSmoothUI
    23. Better scrolling
    24. Multi User Added
    • Removed Boot Warning ( ONLY FOR EXYNOS)
    • *CSC Features Added
    1. Volte, Screenshot and many icons in Quick Settings
    2. Mobile Data Toggle in Power Off Menu
    3. Voice Recording Activated ( It doesnt work in Wifi Calls and that is set by Samsung)
    4. 4g icon in status bar replaced with LTE
    5. Knox gaurd disabled
    6. Real Time Network speed in status bar
    7. Camera Shutter Sound Button
    8. LTE only network mode
    9. WIFI calling active
    10. Many more csc features
    • Google Photos Mod( Works Maybe)
    • v1.2
      *Google Feed Intregration
      *Super Fast Charging Toggle Added
      *Samsung Marketing Disabled
    • V1.3
    *Gaming optimization
    *Prime Kernel Included(Only Exynos right now)
    *Magisk Pre installed
    1. Enable screen shot on secure app
    2.Enable quick reply on secure lockscreen
    3.Adaptive brightness boost
    4.Official Status in Settings
    5.Patch Secure folder Knox

    Jan Update V1.4
    (PLEASE PLEASE update the oneui base first to Jan)(Dirty updating might work for you but dont ask me questions if your patch is still December)
    1.Based on Jan Firmware for respective devices(Full Update only avaliable)
    2.Magisk V24 install automatically
    3.Prime Kernel for all devices
    4.Removed Software Updates section
    5.Some under the hood optimizarions

    Feb Update !! V1.5( Snap Devices) V1.5.5( Exynos)
    1. Synced with latest Feb firmware for the respective devices
    2. Some build tweaks
    3. Vendor Tweaks
    1.restore the standard implied limit of usual RAM consumption
    2.AOSP standard value (just better for multitasking)
    3.prevent instant "close all apps" mechanism every time the camera app opens
    (these tweaks are personally tested by me for a long time and they dont hinder any performance and experience)
    4.Magisk updated to v24.1
    5.MODS BY @vladwin
    1. Dual Recording added in camera
    2. Option for Autofocus Tracking in 1080p 60 fps video
    3.Legacy Fonts fix

    March Update !! V2(Snap Devices) V1.75(Exynos)
    1. Snapdragon Users both 4g and 5g builds are based on latest oneui4.1 firmware
    2. Removed Prime Kernel have been restored as per user's choice
    Have provided with stock boot img in the folder but please remember to patch them with magisk first
    3.In sync with Feb update
    4. Exynos builds are based DVC2( March Patch) Oneui4. Thanks to Samsung!!
    5. Fixed Camera Issues in Exynos

    small update !!
    Exynos V2 based on oneui4.1 is also avaliable but oneui update is required for it to be installed

    CleanOS4.1 V2.1 update
    1. Based On March Update oneui4.1
    2. In sync with V2
    3.Updated Magisk to V24.3
    4. System Debloated even more by removing unnecessary 25 apps more
    5. Some new System Build prop tweaks
    6. Added Clean Build ID in about phone section
    7. Removed Factory Reset Protection
    8. Increased Frame Buffer Rate(Exy Only)
    9.Fixed GameHome labs not showing
    10. Disabled liboemcrypto-so to allow DRM-protected content to play (e.g. Netflix, My5, etc.). ( still hd wont work)
    11. Some Vendor tweaks
    12.Updated Multidisabler to a12 one
    13. SHealth Fix
    14. Updated Restore apps with latest one in installer
    15.Removed Boot.img as it was causing bootloop for many people

    Clean OS4.1 V2.5 Update Final
    1. April Patch
    2. In sync with V2.1
    3.Bluetooth Fix (galaxy watch pairing issue)
    4.Restored Stock kernel which is patched but still unrooted
    5.Removed Encryption from the system
    Patch fstab in partition,ramdisk,delete stock recovery restore, removed know kernel protection etc
    will get fixed in snap device in their next builds


    • You tell me
    • Whatever oneui4 has it will have that
    • Might Bootloop please either use either the latest prime kernel builds or the respective stock unpatched img(might have to patch it in magisk to retain root) in gdrive
    Clean OS Debloater
    Its not just a debloater but it does two more things. You can make your animations smoother as well as try out hidden screen mode through it (just follow the instructions carefully.
    Clean OS debloater

    Instruction to Flash
    1. Format Data is a must for best performance
    2. Flashing it over clean install is advised though not recommended
    3.Install Zip through custom recovery like twrp
    4. Flash Magisk

    Both incremental and Full update zips avaliable)
    People already using CleanOS 4 can you use incremental zip to update
    ( G-drive Links) ( For versions 1.5 and above)
    Exynos ( G780F)
    Snap 4G ( G780G)
    Snap 5G (G781B)

    (ANDROID FILE HOST LINKS) ( For versions 1.5 below)
    Snap 5G

    Snap 4G

    @ricci206 (He is the MVP here providing me his mods)
    ( Method to remove bootloader warning)
    @el0xren ( guides to have various features)
    @ Testers in Telegram group
    (Very Nice and helpful guy with great knowledge, literally guided me to build)
    Various xda thread of S20 and S20 FE for debloating guides
    (For his help in various things and being very active here in thread helping others out)


    Telegram DM
    Clean OS Testers Group
    S20 FE Group

    exynos (SM-780F), but i don't think in this exact situation snapdragon is different (i may be wrong, though)
    I confirm the correct order to install is:
    - download oneui 4 stock firmware
    - patch AP with Magisk app
    - flash stock firmware with ODIN, replacing the patched AP
    - install TWRP
    - install Clean OS 4
    - flash previously attached Magisk app-debug
    - open Magisk app and finish setup there
    New Update !
    *Gaming optimization
    *Prime Kernel Included(Only Exynos right now)
    *Magisk Pre installed
    *Clean OS Wallpaper instead of stock one
    1. Enable screen shot on secure app
    2.Enable quick reply on secure lockscreen
    3.Adaptive brightness boost
    4.Official Status in Settings
    5.Patch Secure folder Knox
    Should have installed oneui4 first then only it can boot
    To install CleanOS 4, you need to be in Stock Android 12. Maybe tou can try to flash stock OneUi 4 with home_csc directly from CleanOS 2.5.5 and then install TWRP again and install CleanOS 4. I don't recommend, probably bugs will appear or even don't boot.
    TWRP would be replaced and encryption would come back. flashing TWRP and vbmeta would mean a wipe and flashing multidisabler would mean a format.