Clean ROM from LeTV for USA x800

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Mar 19, 2018
I installed this official LeEco rom yesterday. It's simple and quick. There is no need to use TWRP or root your phone.

1) download file as is into the root directory of the phone storage (root directory means not in any folders)
2) power off phone
3) hold power and volume+up button at the same time to boot into recovery
4) select update
5) the update should take about a minute and the phone will reboot, and you're done.

After the update, you'll find your downloaded apps, photos, contacts, wi-fi, blue tooth and other settings untouched. However, the malware like "Ant Keyboard" and "Search Service" will be gone. In fact my licensed Kaspersky reports no threats. All the Google apps are still there. Now, the Youtube app can be updated. OTA updates are also now possible from an app icon and in settings. Everything seems to work fine except for Color Mode (which is no big deal). So, I don't know what 'bugs' people are talking about. I would be more worried about installing a third party rom that someone has tinkered with.

Lol i know this is late,i just got the update zip but when i use it with twrp it says this.

This pakage is or "x1_na" devices; this is a "x1"

Can you help me how to fix,i know is 2018 but i cant find any threads


Jul 16, 2016
Are you sure your phone is Le1 Pro US version? If so, just follow my instructions exactly as above and it will work. There is no need to use TWRP.
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    Translation for 5.0.11s official rom

    Hello to all X800_US owners. I managed to translate the official rom to many languages as well and include in the flashable zip the dtwp, the tap to screen off (on the clock in upper right corner) and the color fix. I also managed the Dolby Atmos to work very well in this rom. I think until the Weekend (Sunday) i have the final zip so I posted here for all those want the official rom in other languages. Now I'm trying to port the official 17s from CN to our US model. I hope everything goes well and I will post it here. :D
    Letv have posted a malware free ROM for the USA version of the x800.

    Has anyone installed this using twrp?

    If so what was your procedure? Is it a straight forward flash?

    Also has the ROM got Google apps included?

    Thanks in advance.
    Hello. This is the old 5.0.2 BGXNAOP5501103071S without malwares ( according Letv ).
    To install this old rom -( the CM 12.1 V.3 is better in my opinion ) - with out fault, you must change the updater script. How? without unzip the file though winrar or 7zip go on\META-INF\com\google\android\ updater script (inside the update zip file)
    open it with notepad++ and change- delete the all first line from:
    getprop("ro.product.device") == "msm8994" || getprop("ro.product.device") == "x1_na" || abort("This package is for "x1_na" devices; this is a "" + getprop("ro.product.device") + "".");
    to this : package_extract_file("splash.img", "/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/splash"); package_extract_file("bootvideo.img", "/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/bootvideo");
    than saved as: 'All types (*.*) and drop it again back to\META-INF\com\google\android\ updater script and replace it.
    Done. Save the with winrar or 7zip and flash it through TWRP. Don't forget to take a full backup first. ;)
    Hey man, thanks for your work on the ROM. I'm curious on how do you plan to port 17s since this is M update and at this moment we don't know the exact differences between CN and US bootloader, which is the main culprit for bricking the devices when flashing CN roms on US ver?
    Hello my friend. Typically the "new" ported rom it will be "fake" MM because we must "cook" boot.img kernel e.t.c.from stock LL to MM.
    I'm not sure if i can make it work but I know this: when decompile the boot.img from CN and compare it with our US ive seen that the difference is on resources and according other developers on kernel. I all ready manage app's from CN run on 11s. All so we mustn't forget that the hardware is all most the same and this is a good start for every port. The hope dies last they said! [emoji6]

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    Wow! This is the same thing that I'm doing today.


    I all ready cook the boot.img with kitchen and tomorrow I give it a try. Thanks for your help but if they don't release the kernel sources and ram disk I don't see something good on this try.

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    I have root my phone how i install us clean rom?

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    Hello my friend. If you have all ready root your phone and installed TWRP, just follow this. or just replace the stock updater-script witn this First (delete) without unzip the stock updater-script and then replace it with the one you just download.