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Clearing Cache - Not App Cache

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Mar 7, 2012
Root cleaner I'm using, but you need rooted and preferred busybox installed but it's working without that too. Busybox apk you can find on Internet.

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Jan 13, 2014
Anyone found a way to clear the cache like on the tablet or android phone? If not, would individually clearing app cache do the same thing?

Edit: Think I know how to do it. I will try when I get home and report back. Can get to fastboot menu with steps in the user guide. From there I'll have to see.

Did you ever successfully clear the cache? I can get into the fastboot menu, but when I choose "Continue," it just boots into the Shield operating system (is it supposed to do that?). I can't find any information on what options to choose. I can't find anything on what each menu item means and I know you can do a factory reset from the fastboot menu, so I'm afraid to choose anything.

Can someone explain what each menu item means? I don't want to do anything irreversible.

Boot recovery kernel
Forced recovery

I don't want to factory reset. I just want to clear the cache. I installed an add-on into SPMC and it was super glitchy, caused my whole system to freeze, even after I uninstalled the add-on, uninstalled SPMC, etc. Multiple reboots. Everything just keeps crashing and freezing over and over and over. I have never had this problem before.

So I figured clearing the cache for the whole system might help. A factory reset would just be crazy.

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I chose "boot recovery kernel," and it brings to a screen that shoes an Android laying down with his belly open. It says, "No command." I read that I'm supposed to press the power button and wait a few seconds and that will bring me to a screen to clear cache, factory reset, etc. But nothing happens. I press the power button and hold again, still nothing. If I press and hold and wait and wait and wait, eventually, it just exits this screen and goes back to the fastboot menu.

I tried again, and gave up. It just sat on the screen with "No command," and as I typed, it just exited everything and booted into the operating system. What is going on?