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Feb 22, 2011
I was trying to flash my elocity with honeycomb flash and was receiving errors in the recovery. One of them was it wouldn't find the on my sdcard or see the sdcard, and would recheck for it every 5 seconds and other times it would say unable to find usb and recheck every 5 seconds. I am at work currently so I someone wants to read the errors i am receiving I will post later. I have been able to flash atleast stock elocity firmware and dextermod by using the system update. Could my recovery be messed up I had flashed the clockworkmod that bestialbulb had made and even used the fake flash zip to get into clock work and flash something which didn't work either. How can I return my recovery back to its factory setup.

(E:Can't mount
then underneath that it say (Finding update package)
then it say (Wait for 5 second)
(Installation time out)
(installation aborted)
(Formatting MISC)
these are all the thing it say during installation

I seen others had this issue before, could the CWM of bestialbulb conflict with dexrom?
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May 19, 2010
i admit i have not been able to install updates using my cwm, but i havent had any probs flashing back to factory, and as you say, factory recovery flashes firmware and dex roms okay. the primary added benefit of back/restores is working in cwm, but updates still left to factory recovery.

there might be issues flashing the small patches afterwards.

keep in mind, anytime you flash dexroms or firmwares as they are, you are replacing the recovery at the same time, as they have them packaged in. the usb error you see would likely come from your tablet already having the unaltered recovery flashed back to it, because my factory recovery shouldnt be trying to mount usb. i took the script command out that does that. that error happens from the unaltered factory recovery (that you reflashed back). shouldnt be from my cleaned one.

i'll post the original factory recovery separately for funsies. theres still minor issues to iron out in cwm, and my laptops semi down for the weekend-donated the hd to some1 else till monday.

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Feb 22, 2011
Ok so if I understand correctly ( and yes I did flash the elocity just for safe measure, felt better going back to original b4 anything else ) So flashing dex 1.41 Should make my recovery act normal again so I can flash the latest and greatest HC


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May 19, 2010
yes, everytime you flash the factory firmware or dex's rom as they presently are, you're replacing the cleaned factory recovery i supplied with the factory recovery again. so if you had any issues w/ it, it has been replaced already.

also keep in mind, to use cwm, you would have to reflash my cleaned factory recovery before using cwm due to the factory firmware and dex's roms replacing the recovery. most roms don't usually include the recovery.img as replacement..

thanks for making me look at this today tho, i see the new scripting syntax to use now in the fake flash install script for patches/updates. i also might need to experiment with using elocity's busybox instead of cwm's for mounting.. that could explain the patching mount issues i was having in cwm as well(besides the kill errors i know about in the log and the pkill command i need to supplement in the script). i'll try it out, fix anything up i need, and post some new stuff in the next day or 2. ;)

EDIT: oh, and as someone else pointed out in another thread, don't forget to pay attention to what file is its easy to forget what file was named what last when flashing.

i also see now where i broke my cleaned factory roms ability to patch by removing the shell services it probably needed to pass the busybox mount commands. nice taking a couple days break to get a fresh perspective. ;)
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May 17, 2008
I hadn't played with the wifey's A7 since Christmas, but she finally hit a bug that prompted a major update. I'm just trying to catch up on the progress now, but it's nice to see all of the achievements that have been made! Thanks for your efforts, especially regarding the ability to backup/restore with CWM!


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May 19, 2010
i'd like to report i've finally gotten the cwm fake flash recovery corrected and can be found from my personal twitter link;!/bestialbub

you can now flash standard rom update.zips (roms using IMG files such as dexter's are NOT supported by CWM gb source via write_firmware_image).

YOU CAN flash dexter's PATCHES, and bestialbub's updates w/ cwm, backup your present rom, restore, and perform factory resets (formatting of /cache, /data, /sd-ext partitions).

I WILL have a repackaged factory firmware available in a separate thread where my cwm is located for use w/ cwm, so that you can flash back to factory from cwm, or use my repacked factory update to CREATE YOUR OWN mod-rom.

if you're a dev having mount issues with *YOUR* cwm fake flash recovery, please see my offering for suggested corrections.

that is all. thanks. ;)

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    Dark dark night is in Moscow... and i have some good news.
    I remapped keys, successfully built and tested Clockwork Recovery
    I need more time to setup git and give changes to Koush

    Tested features:
    • wipe data/factory reset
    • wipe cache
    • wipe battery stats
    • wipe dalvik-cache
    • backup
    • restore
    Ok guys, here's the conversation I just had with koush:

    [23:14] <Elementix> hey man, you there?
    [23:14] <Elementix> i don't use twitter :(
    [23:19] <koush> yea i dont know how to get a hold of you
    [23:19] <koush> long story short i made a zip file that you can flash
    [23:19] <koush> that starts up clockwork recovery
    [23:19] <koush> but i have no idea how to initiate recovery mode via rom manager
    [23:19] <Elementix> hmm..
    [23:19] <koush> so there is a recovery
    [23:19] <koush> but its annoynig to get into
    [23:20] <Elementix> so it works, but not?
    [23:20] <koush> you start the stock recovery, then you apply
    [23:20] <koush> and it starts clockwork
    [23:20] <koush> it works, in a fashion
    [23:20] <Elementix> but you have to do it each time?
    [23:20] <koush> yeah
    [23:20] <Elementix> interesting..
    [23:20] <koush> i dont wanna risk flashing a recovery
    [23:20] <koush> without knowing how to actually fastboot it
    [23:20] <Elementix> i hear ya..
    [23:20] <koush> in case something goes wrong
    [23:21] <Elementix> ok, well let me do a little research I suppose..
    [23:21] <koush> ask around in the community and yeah
    [23:21] <koush> if you know of another boot mode
    [23:21] <koush> like fastboot
    [23:21] <koush> let me know...
    [23:22] <koush> or if you know how to flash a recovery.img from within android
    [23:22] <koush> either of those
    [23:22] <koush> and let me know if you want this thing back
    [23:22] <Elementix> kk
    [23:22] <Elementix> not yet :)
    [23:22] <koush> btw the zip
    [23:22] <koush> is available for testing
    [23:22] <koush> its already on my site
    [23:22] <koush>
    [23:23] <koush> there's probably some kinks
    [23:23] <koush> but recovery starts up
    [23:23] <koush> and you can do ****
    [23:23] <Elementix> ok cool
    [23:23] <Elementix> thanks

    so....that's whatsup with it so far. If anyone knows ANYTHING about the information he's asking for please get it to him or post it here while he still has my eLocity.

    Again, the link for what he has right now is:
    The way to get into APX mode


    I did it !!!

    When at PC run following:
    nvflash --bl bootloader.bin --wait --go
    Tablet will wait "magical" method to get into APX mode

    You need a toothpick, simple wooden toothpick !!!

    At back of tablet is small hole. It can be used to restart tablet in normal mode. But it is entrance to APX same way)

    - Turn tablet off
    - Use toothpick and hold it there.
    - With second arm turn Tablet on until green light
    - At PC you'll get text that tablet loads bootloader then you can release buttons
    - Text "Entering NvFlash recovery mode / Nv3p Server" notice that you have success
    okay, its done and posted for folks to use. links on my twitter, cleaned factory recovery and cwm fake flash recovery.!/bestialbub

    got questions, post 'em at the link provided on my twitter. thanks.
    IDK what knowledge (in case of eLocity A7) have Koush, but i'm trying to allocate all info about hard-flashing process here.


    1. Recovery

    eLocity A7 has Android System Recovery <1e>. According info from official update: recovery.img will flash to partition named "SOS"
    To get into recovery you should:
    - turn Tablet off
    - quickly turn on and release power-button (notice green light)
    - press power again and hold till text "Booting recovery kernel image"
    - if you hold longer your Tablet will turn off)

    2. ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

    2.1 Cable
    Ensure you have USB Cable A-A like in attached image

    2.2 Drivers
    Ensure you have Android SDK Tools. If you have SDK Tools already you could start from section "Modifying drivers"

    2.2.1 Installing SDK Tools
    - Download it from
    - Unpack it to <sdk_folder> (avoid long-names and desktop-folders; good folder: c:\asdk)
    - Run "sdk manager.exe"
    - From "Android repository" download "Android SDK Platform-tools"
    - From "Third-party Add-ons / Google Inc. add-ons" download "Google USB Driver package"
    - Exit from SDK Manager

    2.2.2 Modifying drivers
    - Go to <sdk_folder>/google-usb_driver
    - Find android_winusb.inf and edit it
    - Add following to both sections [Google.NTx86] and [Google.NTamd64]
    ;NVIDIA Tegra
    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_0955&PID_7000
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_0955&PID_7100&MI_01
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_0955&PID_7100
    - Save and exit
    - Run Windows command-promt and type
    echo 0x955 >> "%USERPROFILE%\.android\adb_usb.ini"

    2.3 Switch modes
    eLocity A7 has USB-Host "out-of-box", but it can be converted to simple USB

    - Ensure you have Root Explorer
    - Run it and go to /data/data
    - Create folder name com.compal.usb_otg
    - Go into and make file usb.txt
    - In usb.txt write 0
    - Connect tablet to PC with USB Cable A-A
    - Reboot (tablet can switch modes only while rebooting)

    0 - USB Slave mode
    1 - USB Host mode

    2.4 Checking ADB
    - If you done steps above correctly Windows would search adb-drivers. Point them at <sdk_folder>/google-usb_driver
    - Check connection by running adb from <sdk_folder>/platform-tools
    adb devices
    If it returned serial number you have success

    3. APX mode

    3.1 Getting Nvidia Tools
    - Go to and download "Android 2.2 (Froyo) for Tegra 250 & Tango ONLY" (one or both Windows/ Linux)
    Speedlinks (NVidia updated tools 7 feb 2011, so links would change in future)
    - [WIN] Install it in <nvidia_tools_folder> (default it is there C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\tegra_froyo_20110207)

    3.2 Running into APX
    - Connect to PC (remember: in USB Slave mode and with Cable A-A)
    - Run following command in terminal emulator
    echo 1 >/proc/naz10_diag/force_recovery
    - Tablet should reboot into APX
    - If you've connected properly Windows should search another drivers
    - Point them to <nvidia_tools_folder>/usbpcdriver

    3.3 Getting partitions
    - Go to <nvidia_tools_folder>
    - Run nvflash-command to get into bootloader. I used stock bootloader from elocity official update. I didn't use bootloader from <nvidia_tools_folder>.
    nvflash --bl bootloader.bin --go
    - Tablet should write something at screen (recovery mode bla-bla)
    - Run nvflash-command to get list of partitions
    nvflash -r --getpartitiontable partitiontable.txt
    - I have last official update and in partitiontable.txt "SOS"-partition has number 6
    - Run nvflash-command to get specified X partition
    nvflash -r --read X part-X.img

    I successfully got partition number 6 and it is about 8 MB
    I got partition "APP" (with number 9) and it is about 500 Mb - i think our system image can be extended ;)
    nvflash has command "--download N filename". It downloads partition filename to N. But i'm afraid to experiments, cause don't have warranty

    Things to investigate

    - Running into APX-mode with hardware-buttons. I don't know how it can be. Viewsonic GTablet owners have to press VolumeDown and Power to get into. But our Tablet doesn't have VolumeDown. I tried Volume already but it seems that this button starts working after system was loaded.
    Without this method we have only two methods to restore:
    1) If tablet is booting properly -> nvflash
    2) If tablet won't boot -> recovery

    - Custom recovery. It would be great if Koush will realize it. Last step left)
    Thanks to
    - greenar
    - Dexter_nlb
    - nicofs (he added info about nvflash to toshiba ac100 wiki)