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Nov 15, 2012
Plz plz plz add overclocking and swap asap really want it.:(:what::banghead::screwy::what::(:banghead::D

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Sep 9, 2012
Bro we r proud to have u as a developer of SGP kernel. But i have one doubt. I have updated from vM00Kernelv0.31.zip TO vM00Kernelv1.10.zip. After that every thing is so smooth but battery backup has reduced drastically (reduced to 50% almost). Plz advise as u r the right person here to guide.

Thanks a lot


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Jul 1, 2012
in my head
May i ask. I already set partition for swap. In recovery mode. How do i know it's working. ..any app to show it's working.thk's

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Jun 23, 2013
lil help...

Can anyone suggest me the..

CWM which one is best for pocket as i can see development is stop..

Can anyone suggest me best kernel for power saver and recovery too..

Thanks in advance... for ur help :)


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Nov 3, 2012


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Jun 23, 2013


Sep 25, 2008
Got Kernel can I root it without bricking

Hi guys ,

Just wondering if it is safe to use one of these files to root my phone - I want to change my sms tone and thats about it :)

any suggestions would be appreciated


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    Hi all,

    To stop confusion and mixed messages, I've decided to start a new thread.
    This thread will be dedicated to :

    A) GT-S5300 Kernel development based on official Samsung sources
    B) Clockworkmod recovery for GT-S5300

    22-nov-2012 : Sources...see 2nd post

    ATTENTION : I assume no responsability for any problems you might encounter. I've only be able to test these on my GT-S5300 (Europe version).
    If you use the kernel update zip's, just make sure your Kernel resides in /dev/block/mmcblk0p5. You can check this with the following command:
    hexdump -e \"%_c\" -n 8 /dev/block/mmcblk0p5
    Your output should be something like this: ANDROID!#

    General info:
    - vM00Kernelv0.2m.zip minimal kernel (Droidwall support + insecure adbd)
    - XXLF5KernelStock.zip / stock kernel XXLF5 update zip
    - vM00CWM.zip Non permanent Clockworkmod recovery zip
    - vM00CWMv2.zip Non permanent improved Clockworkmod recovery zip
    - vM00Kernelv0.22ba.zip update zip with (Droidwall support, governors and insecure adbd + re-enabled bootanimation/sound)
    - vM00Kernelv0.29.zip (Droidwall support, governors, integrated CWM,insecure adbd + re-enabled bootanimation/sound)
    - XXLF5StockODIN.tar / Odin flashable stock kernel
    - vM00Kernelv0.31.zip (Droidwall support, governors, integrated CWM,insecure adbd, deadline scheduler + re-enabled bootanimation/sound)
    - vM00CWMv3.zip Replaced by vM00CWMv3f (bugfix, see changelog)
    - vM00CWMv3f.zip Non permanent re-improved v3 Clockworkmod recovery zip, see changelog below
    - vM00Kernelv1.00.zip Official Kernel release, see changelog below
    - vM00Kernelv1.10.zip see changelog below

    Instructions :
    1) Copy the chosen kernel zip file to your sdcard (and vM00CWM if your current kernel hasn't integrated CWM)
    2) boot your phone into recovery by holding VOL_UP,POWER and HOME
    3) choose apply update from sdcard and select vM00CWM.zip
    4) once your in CWM, select install zip from sdcard
    5) choose zip from sdcard and select the appropriate Kernel update zip



    Hi all, unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time lately to continue ....I'm in the process of uploading sources so that anyone can benefit from my work.

    On a sidenote, last progress was quite promising as I was able to run CM7. I still have 2 weeks holiday left before the end of 2012, can't say when exactly but I'll try to resume previous work during that time.


    Changelog 06-nov-2012 vM00Kernelv1.10 :

    - Adb now works in recovery mode.
    - All files in init.d get rwx permissions during bootup
    - vM00CWMf integrated

    Changelog 06-nov-2012 vM00CWMv3f :

    - Bug fix : backup to external sd

    Changelog 05-nov-2012 vM00Kernelv1.00 :

    - init.d support
    - CIFS support
    - Optimized Aroma File Manager 1.8 included : Fonts are bigger to improve readability on 240x320 screens, no theming due to size
    CREDIT and big thanks to XDA member amarullz
    - Switched to lzma compression
    - vM00CWMv3 integrated

    Changelog 05-nov-2012 vM00CWMv3 :

    - Optimized Aroma File Manager 1.80 full version included CREDIT and big thanks to XDA member amarullz
    - Proper handling of external sd
    - Minor fixes

    Changelog 03-nov-2012 vM00Kernelv0.31 :

    - Added deadline scheduler
    - New vM00CWMv2 recovery integrated
    - Proper kernel version string formatting
    - /system and / mounted by default
    - Regression : removed ondemand and conservative governors until properly working

    Changelog 03-nov-2012 vM00CWMv2 :
    Following features have been added/fixed:

    - Fully working external sd functionality (usb mass storage inclusive)
    - Permissions Fix menu
    - Easier menu confirmation/navigation (only once UP or DOWN required)
    - Changed coloring scheme
    - Partitioning menu
    - **** BONUS ***** Option to reset custom binary flash counter
    I've yet to find bug in your v0.29, working reboot, backup and restore. I can't confirm the governors since I'm not using any cpu apps. All in all, thanks for awesome kernel. However won't you change the kernel name [email protected] to vM00Kernel or something nicer?

    Edit: Shutdown just reboot in CWM

    Thank you all for the positive comments.

    Yes it's normal that if you press shutdown from CWM, the next powerup will be in CWM. just press reboot then. I followed the logic that if you shutdown from CWM it's good that you reboot in CWM in case you need to finish/resume previous recovery actions.

    And yes, from now on kernel releases will have proper version string formatting...something like:
    [email protected]
    Hi vm00,

    thank you your hard work:D
    I have to be very honest with you, i dont know much about what changes the kernel make but i flashed 0.31, 1.00 and 1.10. ALL of them worked on XXLF5 running JellyMod. Great job:)

    I need to know if you're planning on eventually making your kernel support swap memory or cpu overclocking?

    Finally, since you getting far with the kernel, do you think this is openning doors to getting new ROMs? Maybe CyanogenMod?

    If this makes no sense to you, I'm sorry, I'm a noob:)

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    Hi, yes cpu over/under clocking is on my to-do list. However, swapping isn't as it doesn't really makes sense to implement on a phone imho....unless you have arguments that proves such a feature usefull of course. I'm open to suggestions.

    And yes, Cyanogenmod is also on my to-do list. :fingers-crossed: