[CLONE] HDC Galaxy S4 Spark (ROM UPDATE)

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Aug 24, 2008
Why dont u stat ur own thread with ur rom so others with spark will see it my friend

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Sep 14, 2013
I use V25 Meso 0822 ROM but I have problem with the camera and the battery.
Can you suggest me an other rom please?


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Dec 3, 2003
I use V25 Meso 0822 ROM but I have problem with the camera and the battery.
Can you suggest me an other rom please?


the 822 rom you will have problem using that rom.... read this thread fully...

the best rom i have found is console4rom v1 have a look i think its still around, i not i will upload it some where for ya



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Apr 19, 2011


the 822 rom you will have problem using that rom.... read this thread fully...

the best rom i have found is console4rom v1 have a look i think its still around, i not i will upload it some where for ya



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I am also using the 822 Rom and have the same problem. Using the console4rom v1 doesn't solve the camera problem for me. I also tried third part cam app, but none of them helped me.



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Sep 14, 2013
It's possible to flash console4rom rom by SPflashtools? Or only by recovery?
Jul 10, 2010
4.2xgapps_lhqice_03.25.zip 91.0 MB


install patch with cwm


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Dec 23, 2013
where is the rom

Hi Fusquinha77, can you please send me the link where I can download this rom, I want to update my phone, thanks.


Your ROM works like a charm!

For me:

- Battery life increased (needs to calibrate)
- Finally I could install Google Play Services (and use Google Now, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Plus);
- Finally got S-Voice working;
- No more fake ROM/RAM
- Using SDCard as internal memory (now I have to buy a 32 GB hehehe);
- Air Gestures working great (one-side, as it is a Spark)
- Got S-View working fine with S-View Hatroid

Now I can tell you I would buy other Spark/Meso

Muchas Gracias!!!!!!! I'll make you a donation!


Sugestions for v1.1:

- Smart Scroll;
- S-View Hatroid pre-installed;
- Stock S4 Google Edition Camera with AutoFocus and cloud - Android 4.3 (http://goo.gl/02po9)
- Galaxy S2 Accuweather modded - 99% S4 Stock Weather: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2197011&highlight=weather+s4
- Change "Life Companion" font to "CoolJazz" (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1534920)
- Multilanguage on menus (can be via patch);
- Stock S4 Boot and Shutlogo (Meso4ever 1.0 already has it, but It's much faster than the original - need to make it slower)
- Disable little vibration on make/receive calls;
- DTMF Tones on dialpad instead of "waterdrop" (https://github.com/krazey/KrayZMod/tree/master/dayz_sfx/action/cell)
- Increased GPS strength (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2431933)
- Open Mic+ pre installed (OK, Google Now): https://mega.co.nz/#!t4d3lCiR!7DGANtWZkeaXExYD1PDp32oGz1ZwT_JAaJ7NTbAZXPQ
- Brighter camera LED flash;
- Car mode in s-voice
- Smart Pause


Dec 12, 2013
Dear friendz
My Brother gifted me Samsung s4 clone (don't know either spark or legend or something else of HDC)
I mistakenly pressed "update software" but after that my cameras n LED flash light are not working.
Without rooting I want to get it back [i m not sure either it is rooted or not].
Suggest me the way in simple steps.
I tried to learn but as much as read it [HDC related threads] make me confuse to handle properly.

Could anyone do me favour regarding this ?
Thanx in adv.

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Oct 7, 2013
Magnetic sensor not work

Can someone help me??
My magnetic sensor not working in my spark
The magnetic sensor in the spark is bmm050 magnetic sensor
The magnetic sensor is needed for compass and Google maps (for direction in my location and update my location)
Please help.
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    In this link there is my custom rom for meso (aka spark) fully install by cwm recovery that i maked also. The ROM works like a charm, very quickly, is fully rooted zippaligned and deodexed. The ROM corrects all the problems that have the stock one:

    Is based on real jelly beam 4.2.2 not faked 4.2.1 or something.
    Corrected the pin issue.
    Corrected battery drains problem.
    Corrected the phone dont chargue when is off.
    Corrected problem with google services.
    Improved WiFi and GSM/3G signal.
    Improved RAM consuming
    Sdcard changed to internal memory.
    Some settings menu words and system apps translated to spanish that there was only in english, i will make a patch to retranslate those things to english again if you are interested.
    A lot more staffs and improvements i cant remenber now.

    ---------- Post added at 10:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:41 PM ----------

    Im working in a port of my rom for legend and is almost done, the only things that dont work for now con port is the notifications led works but is always blinking in blue too. And front camera have a green tone.
    This phone is a 1:1 replica of the Samsung Galaxy S4, it has Air gestures,Air View, Smart Stay.
    The phone has the same specifications to the HDC Galaxy S4 Legend, the only difference is that Legend has 2 sensors whereas Spark has only one (it cant understand if the air motion is coming from left or right) also Legend has OGS, whereas Spark dosent.

    First of all there is no any ROM available for this device so we will have to improve the device ourselves ...

    Lets start with S-View Cover

    S-View Cover (How to get S-View working on your device like Original S4) :good:

    1)Download and install S-view Hatroid from Playstore ...
    2)Go to settings and set the options
    3)Press start service
    4)Oulaaa now you get s-view with clock and call answer like Original s4 using the proximity sensor
    5)Hide s-view icon from the UI app pages
    *#364666# and you can select boot animation on first option, samsung logo and sound when "new bootanimation selected", second option for fake memory size and the last one for changing imei

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    Hey everyone, i've managed to get the original s4 font from a s4 system dump for the "life companion" text on the lockscreen and managed to get it onto our lockscreen! :)

    here's the font: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-9i740tUlBIY1VkSG9xWEE1R2M/edit?usp=sharing

    replace the "kaiti.ttf" in "system/fonts" with this one (rename and set permissions)

    do so at your own risk i am not responsible for any damage to your device

    i have not tested on HDC Galaxy s4 Legend i have tested it on the Spark, good luck

    by the way this is my first time rooting and flashing roms also is my first android :)

    hit the thanks button if you feel like saying thanks :laugh:
    Didace33 how the porting it's going?

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    Well, The MIUI don't works the camera.
    I have another that is originary from No1 S6 and works all fine, camera, move desktop both ways with the hand, etc.

    The rom have;

    Weather S4
    I changed style for toggles and battery icon and signal.
    I changed the Internal SD by External, if you want to install games is better, more place, in my case 32GB.

    Installation steps :
    1. Download https://mega.co.nz/#!MdtiERrT!XjD7V0vzSnA2SVHPrp9qUiEPSnVypypmWhLRHJtFIrQ
    2. Backup, with CWM before install it.
    3. Make a full wipe.
    4. Flash using CWM Recovery.
    5. When you finish installing, restarts automatically.
    6. Enjoy it.

    Install the ROM under your responsibility.