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Jan 3, 2011
I think that a script to make an hacked version on our own would be the answer for all this mess :D


May 11, 2012
If you looking for working google map just get it from blackmarket..
I've got one and its working.. =))

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    Quote brut.all " I have started this project about 1.5 years ago,( but I don't have time recently, so I don't port my changes to newer versions of Google Maps. Some Chinese guys do that for me ;-)"

    This map is for the country that cant use navigation on google map. It has been hacked and can be used by any country now.

    Installation for root:

    1. In Titanium Backup, select Maps and make a backup.
    2. Select Maps and wipe data, then uninstall.
    3. Select Street View and wipe data, then uninstall.
    4. Install Google Maps6.7.0-ownhere-signed.apk.
    5. Go to market, and reinstall street view.(download it from the second post).
    1.Uninstall maps from Titanium Backup.
    2.Install maps from the Market.
    3.Uninstall it normally (not from Titanium).
    4.Install the re-signed version.

    or ADB

    first uninstall Maps from /system/app
    adb remount
    adb push /Google maps6.7.0-ownhere.apk /system/app

    For those who get the "Login Failed" message Pull down the status bar and press all three triangles and give permission then closing maps.

    If you don't get the three warning triangles
    1. Install original maps from market.
    2. Sign in and join latititude
    3. Back up maps in titanium, app and data.
    4. Wipe date and uninstall maps
    5. Install resign version. DO NOT RUN, reboot right after installing.
    6. After reboot, go to titanium and restore DATA only.

    I'm not going to post any more links to ownhere-maps . After a lawyer representing google contacted me on G+ and then later call me and we had a little talk ,we came to the conclusion that I'm not going to spread anymore modified maps . I'm not going get on the wrong side off Google .. And I'm considering closing the thread .

    Admin Edit: These Maps apk files have been removed due to a copyright infringement complaint from Google. Please do not post any more Google Maps apk's
    How to get navigasion voice in your own language​

    1. Download Classic Text To Speech Engine from the marked.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.svox.classic&feature=search_result
    2. After installation, open to select the language you want (USD 2.99) to download.
    3. Go to Android Settings -> Voice Input & Output -> Text-to-Speech settings, activate SvoxClassic at the bottom of the screen, then select SvoxClassic as the Default Engine.

    - Google Navigation requires that the Text-to-Speech voice matches the phone language. You can change the phone language in Android Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Select language.

    Would anyone like to share how the maps.apk is changed to allow navigation to work in all countries. I'm sure this forum would benefit from this info so that more ppl could help on getting the latest release out when google releases it.

    Do somebody please tell me how to unlock the google maps for navigation?

    1) Download a working version of the hacked map, its corresponding original version and the latest map version.
    2) Extract from all apks their classes.dex.
    3) Disassemble the classes.dex (hack, original & new) using*baksmali . This will create a folder of disassembled files for each classes.dex, viz., hfolder, ofolder & nfolder respectively.
    4) Use a diff tool such as meld (in ubuntu) to find the differences in hfolder & ofolder.
    5) Port the diff (i.e., modified parts) in hfolder to nfolder. Please make sure that they are the same file when porting (i.e., most of the other codes should match).
    6) If you realise that the hacked file does not corresponds to the new file (i.e., same file name or file does not exists in nfolder), look for some codes (in the hacked file) that can uniquely identify it and search in the folder, using tools such as grep or find.
    7) Copy all files in brut folder to nfolder.
    8) Edit the files in brut folder of nfolder such that the references (some function calls to the map classes) in them point to the correct classes/files in nfolder.
    9) Once all modifications are ported, assemble it using*smali *which will create a dex file. Name it as classes.dex.
    10) Replace the classes.dex of the new map apk with the newly assembled classes.dex.
    11) Resign the apk.

    Her is google street view.apk
    maps6.5.0 ownhere thanks Brut.all
    maps6.4.0 ownhere global navigation thanks Brut.all
    It's nothing new, I'm really surprised you didn't know about it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=630887 . I have started this project about 1.5 years ago, but I don't have time recently, so I don't port my changes to newer versions of Google Maps. Some Chinese guys do that for me ;-)

    Actually this is written on the page linked by you:

    Version of Google Maps [Brut] famous xda-developers forum is currently only developed to v4.6.0