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Jul 10, 2021
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Oswald Boelcke
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I just did a quick test of how well the stock Asus camera, GCam and Open Camera handle shots taken at night: I downloaded the GCam APK from XDA: GCam_8.1.101_Wichaya_V1.1 and the Open Camera from F-Droid onto my Zenfone 8. I took the same shot of the exterior of my apartment block, including trees and greenery, with all three cameras.

I used normal and night modes with the Asus and GCam and Normal and DRO modes with the open camera and then compiled all the shots into a layered Photoshop file so that I could easily compare them.

The Asus night mode gave a much better result than the normal mode. The shadows had slightly more detail and much more color information than the normal mode. But they are aggressively sharpened and have a somewhat processed look.

The GCam normal and night modes had more color and slightly more detail in the shadows than the Asus night mode. They have much less sharpening than the Asus picture and so don't show as much detail, but they have a more natural appearance.

I wish I could turn down the sharpening of the Asus pictures, and turn up the sharpening of the GCam pictures. Unfortunately the Asus camera does not have a way to turn down the sharpening in either the Photo or Pro modes.
There is a setting in GCam to increase sharpening but it's not intuitive and I haven't messed with it yet.

The Open Camera gave really poor results in night and DRO modes, so soft and grainy that it's not something I'd ever use.

I've attached a detail from the Asus and GCam night mode shots and the DRO OpenCamera shot.

This was just a quick and simple test entirely for my own satisfaction, and the results of course are subjective. I'm now going to experiment with the GCam > Advanced > Ram Patcher >Sharpness setting and see If I can increase the sharpening and get a result somewhere between the the softer GCam default and the Asus overprocessed look...


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