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Jan 13, 2019
Hey guys, so I'd be making a poll pretty soon about this question too as soon as I get a handful of recommendations from you guys about your favs.
Obviously, the major pillars of the criteria to judge the best ROM for our phone are
- The overall smoothness,
- Stability (bugs are acceptable but if all major functions of the phone operate without bugs, then minor bugs are absolutely forgivable),
- MIUI camera integration (the ability to shoot 4k 60fps Pro Mode 'Log' footage is kinda peak use scenario for me)
- The Least amount of overheating issues (I live in a hot tropical environment and my phone suffers from overheating usually during editing videos, to an extreme degree)
- Excellent battery life.
.-. Extra Rom Features are a welcome addition to the criteria for choosing the best Roms out there, as long as they're useful and stable. So please, it would be a big help to get to hear your experiences with the ROMs you're daily driving. Cheers!


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Jun 6, 2014
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    Stock rom best.
    Nusantara,PixelExperience,crDroid and the rest rom...
    Everything just changed the image and name..
    for me none I always went back to stock