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When this started to happen I tried to see anything in the log inside MM, but since I had to restart to get Magisk to work (and to access the log in MM) it was cleared and only showed since reboot.

Can't access /cache when the root+Magisk ain't working, and after reboot the Magisk log seems to be cleared. The backed up one is only showing init messages and hide_list and proc_monitor messages.

Is there some way to get access to /cache w/o reboot or is it automatically backed up at reboot? If so, there doesn't seem to be any errors.

The Magisk log is cleared on a reboot, but the previous log is saved as magisk.log.bak.


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Thread Cleaned.

topjohnwu doesn't clean/delete the posts.

We does it on his behalf.

a) If you really think he should take time to fix it help him to do so
b) SEARCH before you post
c) you post a question which was posted the zillion times yes it will be deleted for the the zillion times

You can always compile it for yourself he has made it open source for that reason.

Contribute towards the development if not be a spectator in this thread. you will see many volunteers such as @Didgeridoohan @Oswald Boelcke @Badger50 and many more who tries to keep up with the same question which doesn't belong here as always.! And all the Mods here who just keeps cleaning this thread for the same stuff!

Safetynet API - SEARCH please

Modules issue :- Not here!

You post something without logs:- it will be removed in this thread along with the response to it!

If it is something very relevant and can be useful for others but not on this thread, then those will be moved to Magisk General Thread.

you think we should spend more time on something please feel free to pm and let us know :good:

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Beta releases are no longer "development oriented", this thread will be closed and replaced with a more "experimental channel" thread.
Thank you to all reported useful logs and info, and I highly appreciate all moderators involved in moderating this thread extensively.
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    Hello, welcome to the beta Magisk thread! First check the main thread before starting.
    I expect users reporting to at least have basic debug skills, this thread is heavily moderated so refrain from spamming with "useless" reports!

    Latest Magisk Beta: v16.7 (code: 1671)
    Bundled Magisk Manager: v5.8.3

    Release Note | Changelogs | Download

    If you need a clean start, use the uninstaller in the main thread to uninstall any verison of Magisk installation

    Symptoms and Diagnose Procedure:
    • Installing Magisk fails:
      If you're flashing in TWRP: Upload the recovery logs (pull the file /tmp/recovery.log, or select "Advanced > Copy Log" and upload)
      If you're installing in MagiskManager: Choose to save logs after installation and upload
    • I want to report a Magisk bug:
      Magisk logs are placed in /cache/magisk.log
      If you face any issue, please upload /cache/magisk.log
      Starting from v16.6, /data/adb/magisk_debug.log is NOT USED anymore!
    • Magisk Manager is crashing:
      Grab LOGCAT (NOT magisk logs) when the crash occurs, upload the logs and report how to reproduce
    • SafetyNet / CTS / XXX app won't work after enabling MagiskHide:
      If it worked in previous versions, please at least upload /cache/magisk.log
      Please do NOT SPAM the forum with these kind of issues! It is NOT a priority to fix
    I spent endless hours to create Magisk. If you like my work, feel free to donate.
    New Stable Release Coming In a Few Hours!
    Thanks for everyone involved in testing the brand new Magisk and provide useful information for me to fix the bugs :)

    And here I give the moderators a sincere respect, please accept my highest appreciation!
    Everyone on the Internet has a real life, not only me but also the moderators. It's very heartwarming to see them willing to sacrifice their time just to give me a better time on the forums.
    I cannot be more grateful, so thanks to all of you again :good:

    Thread will be temporarily closed until a next beta is available, all future releases (except quick hotfixes) should go through a beta stage before directly going to the masses.
    2017.8.13 Magisk v13.5 (1350)(beta)
    Here comes another public beta!
    As most of you should know, Magisk is a fairly young project, and only recently does it undergo a complete rewrite on v13, so I place stability and compatibility first before I kept adding more features into it. This release comes with several major under-the-hood changes, both in native Magisk and Magisk Manager sides.

    Busybox Fights Back Strong
    Previously I had completely removed busybox from Magisk for causing too many troubles, and also the difficulty to build it myself. But after dealing with so many compatibility issues, and the need of reliable and feature packed command-line tools pushed me to add this gem back. I spent quite a lot of time integrating busybox sources into Magisk's building system, and believe me this isn't an easy task: busybox's config is based on Linux kernel, which itself is a complex topic. I created a tool (ndk-busybox-kitchen) to automatically handle the generation of config-based headers, and parse those files into Android.mk to support building with ndk-build command. To be honest this is super dope IMO, and I'm really proud of it lol.

    The next effort is to maximize compatibility for the Magisk installation process. I decided instead of adding busybox directly into the flashable zip, I would directly embed busybox into update-binary, which is now a specially crafted shell script to dump the correct binary for the CPU architecture, and then execute the installation process completely on the busybox's shell and command-line tools. The extracted busybox will also be utilized in many other places such as boot scripts (yes, the boot scripts will now run in a complete busybox environment) and Magisk Manager. The busybox binary will be installed only for internal use, if you want to install busybox to your device, @osm0sis already uploaded a Magisk Module on the repo, please install that instead.

    Finalizing Magisk Procedures
    Magisk hijacks specific points in the boot process, and will go through its own procedures to fulfill all the features. The order of these procedures are now be finalized, which means it is very less likely to change in the future. For post-fs-data mode, general scripts (scripts under post-fs-data.d) and modules scripts (post-fs-data.sh in each module) are executed before magic mount happens. This means experienced developers can now customize magic mount's behavior to a certain degree. However, I still suggest that most scripts should be run in service mode unless necessary such as time critical commands. Service mode will guarantee SELinux patches are finished, and setting props with proper init triggers will not block the device's boot or lead to a crash.

    Samsung Stock Kernel Workarounds
    Well, apparently Samsung is always here to break everything. On stock kernels, it places a restriction on how binaries can behave if they are executed from /data. An additional magisk binary mirror is created to overcome this issue, and will be used extensively in Magisk Manager (it will not effect recovery). Unfortunately, even though I had offloaded most of the functionality into a shell script function collection that can be upgraded through Magisk updates, the template itself still has to be slightly updated to reflect the changes. Magisk Module Template v5 is already live on another branch. However, before you go and upgrade all your modules to v5, please think twice and consider it as a Developer Preview. It depends on the updated util_functions.sh in this beta, so if you upgrade them into the Online Repo, your module won't install on users running the latest stable Magisk version (v13.3). It will be the default template version once the next stable release is live.

    A Small Mistake
    There was a small mistake in v13.3, which the SHA1 of the stock image cannot be acquired, and also the SHA1 backed up within ramdisk is also not extracted. This leads to stock boot image restoration (happens when uninstalling) fails, and will only revert your device by ramdisk backups. This mean you will be able remove Magisk, but the boot image will not be 100% reverted. If you are concern about the backups, restore your boot image back to stock, and reflash this current build to re-create the Magisk's stock boot image backup.
    Beta releases are no longer "development oriented", this thread will be closed and replaced with a more "experimental channel" thread.
    Thank you to all reported useful logs and info, and I highly appreciate all moderators involved in moderating this thread extensively.