[CLOSED] bypass fail in mt6768

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Jan 29, 2023
I have an ifnix hot 12 that got damged cuz of an adb root and i wanna to flash it and when i try to bypass the chip sec with aany tool it gave me bromm errors like this
[2023-02-02 17:07:05.452849] Waiting for device
[2023-02-02 17:07:10.421456] Found device = 0e8d:2000
[2023-02-02 17:07:22.097400] Device hw code: 0x707
[2023-02-02 17:07:22.097400] Device hw sub code: 0x8a00
[2023-02-02 17:07:22.097400] Device hw version: 0xca00
[2023-02-02 17:07:22.097400] Device sw version: 0x0
[2023-02-02 17:07:22.097400] Device secure boot: True
[2023-02-02 17:07:22.097400] Device serial link authorization: False
[2023-02-02 17:07:22.097400] Device download agent authorization: True
[2023-02-02 17:07:22.097400] Found device in preloader mode, trying to crash...
[2023-02-02 17:07:22.097400] status is 7024

does anyone know a fix for this da always fail and thanks

Oswald Boelcke

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@iamrouxs Like your other thread, this one also closed as duplicate of

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Oswald Boelcke
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