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    SlimLP Android 5.x

    A new "unified" Galaxy Tab 2 section was added to our forum because we don't make a difference between p31xx an p51xx specific roms.

    Please use the Thread here for SlimLP related questions and feedback
    How do I donate US$10? It is the right way to say Thank You for your excellent work.

    Hey and thanks!
    I don't have a donation address, but If you like to donate for my work, please directly donate to SlimRoms to keep this rom alive. SlimRoms needs some money each month to pay the webserver, jenkins server and buildsever for team member which isn't cheap.

    Another way to make me happy would be to donate to an organization who cares about kids having cancer.
    I had blood cancer in 2001 (when i was 12/13 years old) and i am happy begin still alive :)

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    SlimRoms side 5.1 stopped, but not on my side :) new build next week ;)

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    Hey together!

    New updates are available!

    Thanks to @RobbieL811 for giving me access to his buildserver and hosting the new builds!
    Robbie and i worked on SlimCenter last night to use it for unofficial builds too!
    After updating on latest build you'll be able to use the OTA function from SlimCenter to check for updates!

    Cristian Giordano did a great drawable to gett access to SlimCenter from Settings again (not merged official atm).
    I also added more QuickSettings (Thanks to Robbie again, not merged official atm).

    New Download-Links:

    New builds uploaded.

    i think the lock screen bug got adressed already.

    One thing i noticed:
    Screenshot was broken on different L roms for me (AOSP and Slim)
    Now i wiped cache,dalvic,system,data and internal storage from advanced wipe, after that i used the "wipe data" option (you need to confirm by typing "yes").
    Now screenshot seems to work again while it wasn't before (at least on slim).
    I am not sure what's the reason for this, if something went wrong on recovery side or if i only had been overworked - just in case someone faced same issue.

    All kernel changes have been applied to latest build, no need to grap it from previous post.

    I noticed some selinux denials i'll fixup later today.

    Have a nice day!