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Apr 13, 2008
New Jersey
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Anyone having an issue with both downloading or installing any of the modules within Module page. Installing from internal storage works. Just nothing happens when you click both download and install.

Both Manager and Magisk are on latest.


Dec 30, 2007
I just updated the manager to 278 and the module to 20308 and everything isn't ok. Screen brightness isn't good (so glary), fingerprint isn't working, wifi and mobile data isn't working.
My phone is Mi 9T with the latest stable xiaomi.eu rom running MIUI 11 and Android 10.
I tried to uninstall magsik from TWRP and now buttons aren't functioning. I can't use the phone except in fastboot and recovery modes only.
Update 2:
After flashing the latest TWRP 3.3.1-12, flashed magsik uninstaller, magisk 20306 and flashed my rom all these attempts lead to the same result, bootloop and rebooting to recovery.
Help please
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Feb 3, 2019
Wonosobo,Jawa Tengah
Xiaomi Redmi S2
Magisk manager force stopped when i want to go superuser manager, module manager, and app's setting.
But, superuser notification toast work as usual.
My device is Samsung Galaxy Young 2 SM-G130H Android 4.4.2 Stock ROM.
Here's the logcat.


  • magisk-manager-log.txt
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    Canary Magisk Manager: Link
    Canary Magisk Manager (Debug): Link
    Latest Release Notes: Link
    All Canary Files: Link

    The Canary Builds are similar to Google Chrome's: bleeding edge of the source.
    Be warned: Canary can be unstable.
    The binaries from debug channel are built with debug flag ON

    Install Canary Magisk Manager and go to Settings > Update Channel and switch to either Canary or Canary (Debug)
    If you need a clean start, download the Canary Uninstaller to uninstall any version of Magisk

    How to Report:
    • Only report bugs/logs using the debug channel!!
    • Magisk installation failure:
      In TWRP: Upload the recovery logs (pull the file /tmp/recovery.log, or select "Advanced > Copy Log" and upload)
      In MagiskManager: Choose to save logs after installation and upload
    • Magisk bugs:
      Magisk logs are placed in /cache/magisk.log (For A/B devices, they are actually in /data/cache/magisk.log)
      If you cannot boot or stuck in bootloops, grab logcats (and kernel dmesg if possible) on boot
    • Magisk Manager bugs:
      Grab logcat (NOT magisk logs) when the crash occurs, upload the logs and report how to reproduce
    • SafetyNet / CTS / XXX app won't work after enabling MagiskHide:
    Android Q root baby
    New canary release is now live!
    Due to high demands I added a new canary channel with debug flags turned off, but remember only report bugs/logs when using debug builds!
    FYI, Canary Channels are now moved to a new URL. For existing Canary users, all you need to do is to update to the latest Canary Magisk Manager. Old links will be removed in a couple of days, so please upgrade when it still lasts ?
    Just pushed a new build to fix issues on some devices (known: HTC devices)
    Support for logical partitions will be postponed after the next release cycle, I'm wrapping up for a public release now.