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Dec 29, 2011
Hello there,

Im on a last miuimix with twrp by skkk.
Can i install this rom with this recovery (just by press install) or i have to use the installation method from 1st post step by step?


Feb 26, 2022
Is there any application or module that can hide the bangs area! Similar to nacho notch! Is there anything else besides it?


Recognized Developer
Nov 5, 2012
Xiaomi Mi A1
Redmi K20 Pro
Is there any application or module that can hide the bangs area! Similar to nacho notch! Is there anything else besides it?
In Settings > Display, there's an option for Full screen apps.

In other news, July security patch update is now available! Same installation method will still be used to update (adb sideload the zip, reboot to recovery and adb sideload Magisk if you wish to root). This is mostly a bugfix update but it does include all the security patches Google has done. Safetynet still passes out of the box and improvements have been done to the QS Header and 2 new QS tiles have been added as well. Enjoy!

Changelog for the latest (07/07/2022) update

Device changes:
  • None
ROM changes:
  • Bluetooth: Allow sending any file via Bluetooth
  • Evolver: Option to disable music track title in QS tile
  • Factor out preference-in-storage check to overridable method
  • MediaPlayer: Shift background shade to system_accent1_400
  • Merge July 2022 security patches
  • NetworkStatsHistory: Prevent IllegalArgumentException
  • PixelPropsUtils: Limit SafetyNet workarounds to unstable GMS process
  • PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to July 2022 release
  • QS: Add Locale Tile
  • QS: Add Music QS Tile
  • QS: improve tile state consistency
  • QuickStatusBarHeader: Fix clickability issue with privacy indicator
  • QuickStatusBarHeader: Link date in QS status bar with clock
  • SQLiteDatabase: Catch corrupt exception during transaction
  • Settings: Fix NPE on isUdfps
  • Settings: Improve AP strings
  • SystemUI: Avoid NPE in volume dialog
  • SystemUI: Battery Styles: Do not apply SB battery meter style changes for QS battery meter
  • SystemUI: Bring in drawables for status bar icon toggles
  • SystemUI: Clean up and fix QQS Brightness slider padding
  • SystemUI: Fix QS mobile icon disappearing on theme switch
  • SystemUI: Fix issue that log can't be enabled in MobileSignalController
  • SystemUI: More rounded corners
  • SystemUI: disable keyguard screen off animation if we use split notification shade
  • Updater: Cleanup download dir after reboot
  • Updater: Enable user data cleaning
  • apns: Add China Broadnet (CBN) support
  • base: wm: Follow rounded corners by split divider corner size
  • common: Allow camera HAL to read auxiliary camera properties
  • core: Don't spoof props in recovery mode
  • core: Refactor workaround SafetyNet check
  • prebuilt: de-duplicate and rework 460:02 and 460:09
  • prebuilt: rework APN for 425:01
  • prebuilt: rework APNs for KPN (204:08)


Recognized Developer
Nov 5, 2012
Xiaomi Mi A1
Redmi K20 Pro
Just a small update. Quick tap is brought back after being missing in the last update. Navbar styles have been added for 3 button navbar. Pixel Walls 2021 is back as well. Weed Wifi icon style also added. This would be suitable for those who have yet to update to the July patch.

Changelog for the latest (07/08/2022) update

Device changes:
  • Adjust status bar overlays to previous values
ROM changes:
  • Evolver: Add Navbar styles
  • Evolver: Enable auth ripple and fingerprint vib by default
  • Evolver: Reload navbar icons on changing style
  • Update translations
  • gms: Add missing call for Quick Tap flag
  • gms: Build Pixel2021 walls for everyone
  • gms: Remove Drive, Gmail, Maps, OemDmTrigger
  • themes: Add W33d icon styles
  • themes: Introduce and update navbar styles


Oct 22, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Sadece küçük bir güncelleme. Hızlı dokunma, son güncellemede eksik olduktan sonra geri getirildi. 3 butonlu gezinme çubuğu için gezinme çubuğu stilleri eklendi. Pixel Walls 2021 de geri döndü. Ot Wifi simge stili de eklendi. Bu, henüz Temmuz yamasına güncelleme yapmamış olanlar için uygun olacaktır.

En son (07/08/2022) güncelleme için değişiklik günlüğü

Cihaz değişiklikleri:
  • Durum çubuğu kaplamalarını önceki değerlere ayarlayın
ROM değişiklikleri:
  • Evolver: Navbar stilleri ekleyin
  • Evolver: Varsayılan olarak auth dalgalanmasını ve parmak izi titreşimini etkinleştirin
  • Evolver: Değişen stilde gezinme çubuğu simgelerini yeniden yükle
  • Çevirileri güncelle
  • gms: Quick Tap işareti için eksik çağrıyı ekleyin
  • gms: Herkes için Pixel2021 duvarları inşa edin
  • gms: Drive, Gmail, Haritalar, OemDmTrigger'ı kaldırın
  • temalar: W33d simge stilleri ekleyin
  • temalar: Gezinme çubuğu stillerini tanıtın ve güncelleyin
Very thanks for hard working my friend 👍😊
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Jan 27, 2018
Is there any home screen configuration option? Like grid size or google search bar remover? I didn't see anything like that in the settings

Nvm, got it. It's in wallpaper and style option, but I still want to remove google search bar, any suggestion?


New member
Jan 27, 2018
I noticed a problem with notifications. from what I have tested now the problem only occurs in the messenger app. I have tried cleaning the app data as well as reinstalling it.


Oct 22, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
All working fine, good job.

Just for people want root, you must use the patching boot method (adb sideload don't work) & you must use Magisk Stable the first time for create the patched boot (Canary Manager version don't start, freeze Magisk mask logo).
After you can pass on Canary if you want :)
Hi friend. Can i ask you 2 question.
Which versiyon do you use Magisk stable for root Evolution x?
And which file i must to patched?? Boot, vindor_boot or dtbo??
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    Hi joeyhuab,
    I just wanted to ask how it looks with the release of version 13 for the Mi 11 that you mentioned? I saw that version 13 has already been released on a lot of devices, so I can't wait and certainly not alone. ;)
    This is definitely the best rom for this phone. (y)
    It will be released once the remaining issues have been dealt with. This thread is discontinued for now.
    The new Android 13 thread is available here.

    Requested by OP.

    Senior Moderator
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    Evolution X 6.7 for Xiaomi Mi 11 (Now Xiaomi 11) [venus]
    * Your warranty is void. Or valid, probably?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X,
    * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
    * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


    Keep Evolving
    Pixel UI, customization, and more, we are Evolution X!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @joeyhuab (Founder/Lead Developer)
    @RealAkito(Project Manager/Co-Founder)
    @AnierinB (Project Specialist/Co-Founder)

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    Just flash and check "The Evolver". We have tons of features combined together from different ROMs.

    What are our features?
    - Lockscreen Clock Styles (23)
    - Dark Theme Styles (11)
    - System Fonts (24)
    - RGB Accent Color Picker
    - Accent Colors Presets (64)
    - System Icon Shapes (11)
    - 2020 Pixel Live Wallpapers
    - G-Visual Mod
    - Volume Panel Styles (6)
    - Custom QS Header Images
    - QS Tile Diso
    - QS Tile Icon Styles (18)
    - QS Panel Color Configs

    - Network Traffic Monitor
    - Clock & Date Options
    - Battery Bar
    - Battery Icon Styles & Percentage Configs (6)
    - System UI Tuner
    - Battery Percent Show/Hide Config
    - 4G/LTE Icon Toggle
    - Roaming Indicator Toggle

    - Heads Up
    - Notification Headers toggle
    - Alert Slider Notification Toggle (For OnePlus Devices Only)
    - Notification light Config
    - Kill App Button Toggle
    - Pulse Edge Lighting
    - In-Call Vibration Options (connect, waiting, end.)

    Quick Settings
    - Quick Pulldown (Right/Left)
    - Smart Pulldown
    - Vibrate On Touch
    - Disable When Locked
    - Hide Battery Icon
    - Notification Header Battery Precent Configs
    - Brightness Slider & Auto Brightness icon Configs
    - Quick Settings Layout Configs
    - Data Usage Visibility Configs

    Power Menu
    - Device Controls
    - Advanced Reboot
    - Optional User Actions (flashlight, etc)

    - AOSP Gestures
    - Back Gesture Configs
    - Toggle To Hide Navbar Pill
    - Advanced Gesture Configs
    - Swipe To Screenshot
    - Status Bar Brightness Control
    - Screen Off Power Button Torch
    - Double Tap To Sleep Status Bar
    - Double Tap to Sleep Lockscreen
    - Screen Off Gestures

    - Always On Display Schedule
    - Fingerprint Error Vibration Toggle
    - Fingerprint Authentication Vibration Toggle
    - Lock Screen Media Artwork/Notification Configs
    - Lock Screen Music Visualizer

    - Nav Bar Tuner
    - Invert Layout
    - Volume Key Answer
    - Volume Rocker Wake
    - Volume Rocker Playback Control
    - Volume Rocker Cursor Control

    - Volume Rocker Wake Toggle
    - Volume Key Playback Control
    - Keyboard Cursor Control
    - Left/Right Volume Panel Toggle

    - Gaming Mode
    - Screenshot Configs
    - Launch Music App On Headset Connection
    - Default USB Config




    FIRST, make sure you're on the latest Global firmware.

    Flashing Instructions

    Flash the linked boot, vendor_boot, and dtbo images by performing the following:

    fastboot flash boot_ab boot.img
    fastboot flash dtbo_ab dtbo.img
    fastboot flash vendor_boot_ab vendor_boot.img

    After finishing with that, get into recovery by pressing the power button and volume up button. Or run "fastboot reboot recovery"

    After that, please perform a factory reset by following the option in the recovery.

    Finally, you can sideload the ROM by selecting "Apply Update" (ADB) and run adb sideload /path/to/

    Reboot! Enjoy! #KeepEvolving

    Donate to me! / Official Chat / Device Support

    XDA: DevDB Information
    Evolution X, ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 11

    joeyhuab, peaktogoo

    ROM OS Version: Android 12.1
    ROM Kernel: Linux 5.4.180
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 6.7

    Last Updated 2022-08-17
    Changelog for the latest (08/17/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • overlay: Allow user to select WiFi Calling while roaming
    ROM changes:
    • Don't reset A2DP offload when disabling developer settings
    • Evolver: Add master switch strings for new MainSwitchPreferences
    • Evolver: Bring back lockscreen media art blur filters
    • Evolver: Make LS media filter blur radius configurable
    • Evolver: Transparent QS customization
    • Further increase blur radius for glass blur effect
    • NotificationMediaManager: Increase blur radius for blur media filters
    • PixelPropsUtils: Correctly spoof pixel props
    • PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to Android 13 August 2022 release
    • Remove Kscope authored features
    • Settings: Adjust master switch strings for new MainSwitchPreference
    • SystemUI: Implement sleep for pickup gesture
    • SystemUI: Switch notification background to monet on heads up
    • SystemUI: match brightness slider track height with the progress drawable
    • core: Add telephony stack to privacy indicator whitelist
    New update is out! June security patches are merged into Evolution X source and all of the latest changes are included in this update. Dolby Vision has been disabled to avoid issues with Netflix and other streaming apps. Every other important change may be found below. I hope you enjoy and continue to support Evolution X by donating! Thanks in advanced!

    Changelog for the latest (06/28/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • Fix status bar glitch for apps that access internal resource dimen
    • Disable Dolby Vision in hwcomposer
    • Move Xiaomi Doze inside stock ambient display preference
    • Move to source built IFAAService
    • Sync up /system_ext properties with QSSI 12
    • Update Evolution X related overlays
    • Update telephony package list to LA.QSSI.12.0.r1-05600-qssi.0
    • Upstream GPS updates
    • Upstream kernel changes
    • import diag HAL
    • parts: Implement Clear Speaker
    • parts: Use directBootAware
    • rootdir: Add missing thermal node for charging
    • rootdir: import diag related usb entries
    • rootdir: switch to lz4 for zram
    • update blobs from MIUI Stable V13.0.12.0 for star
    • update display blobs from 19300.01
    ROM changes:
    • Add group audio to service
    • Add support for External EXT4/F2FS storage
    • Add upstream fixes to ElectronBeam screen-off animation
    • AlarmManagerService: Reduce log level wtf -> w
    • AudioService: Fix issue with linked notification volume
    • BatteryStatsImpl: Guard against OOB
    • BluetoothControllerImpl: fetch battery level from any device
    • BluetoothControllerImpl: synchronize mConnectedDevices access
    • Call CardDatabaseHelper.getInstance() when used and not in onCreate
    • CarrierSettings: Update from SQ3A.220605.009.A1
    • Codec2: guard the dummy work signal to lahaina only
    • Datausage: Fix NPE in preference controller
    • Don't build QuickSearchBox
    • Evolver: Add 14 new VoLTE icons
    • Evolver: Add rotationX animation to quick settings tiles
    • Evolver: Allow setting battery percent view on left
    • Evolver: Battery Styles: Add customization for QS
    • Evolver: Bring back QQS brightness slider
    • Evolver: Bring back Smart Pixels (per-device compatibility)
    • Evolver: Bring back Status bar logo customizations
    • Evolver: Bring back animations to quick settings tiles
    • Evolver: Bring back click to take partial screenshot feature
    • Evolver: Import RenderingJitter test from FWB
    • Evolver: Insert screen off fod toggle into UDFPS settings
    • Evolver: Logo: Add amogus icon
    • Evolver: Remove transparency QS options (still buggy)
    • Evolver: Rework media artwork notification
    • Evolver: Toggle data usage view on QS footer
    • Fix Wi-Fi timeout string issue in Settings search
    • Fix crash with protected content with ElectronBeam/Scale screen-off animation
    • Fix daveys when latch_unsignaled is used
    • Fix potential error for sys.platform
    • FooterActions: Add haptic click when long pressing settings icon
    • GameSpace: Add battery remaining text
    • GameSpace: Add memory info in game overlay
    • GameSpace: Add tiles layout for portrait mode
    • GameSpace: Add time/date in panel view
    • GameSpace: Fix per game configure icon on light theme
    • GameSpace: Improve strings
    • GameSpace: Redesign layout with time/date views
    • GameSpace: Redesign overlay with battery text and time views
    • GameSpace: Set default panel view opacity to 100%
    • Handle non-exist permission group correctly for pm list permissions
    • Hide the "Show the vibrate icon in the Status Bar" setting
    • IconPack{Sam,Victor}: Inverse vol collapse/expand anim path data
    • InputWrapper: Opt out early if session == null
    • Limit SafetyNet workarounds to unstable GMS process
    • Merge June 2022 security patches
    • Only update the compat system UI visibility if the source is valid
    • PhoneStatusBarPolicy: Show battery level for all devices
    • PixelPropsUtils: Exclude recorder from pixel props
    • PixelPropsUtils: Press F for bonito and sargo
    • PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to June 2022 release
    • PreviewInflater: Fix issue with google dialer widget on keyguard
    • QSFooter: Launch The Evolver when long clicking settings
    • Re-enable remote keyguard animation
    • Screenrecord: Allow to reduce 3 second screen record timer
    • Screenrecord: Save pref for skip timer switch
    • Screenrecord: Slightly optimize loading/saving preferences
    • Screenrecord: Update layout to the new spec
    • Screenrecord: Use proper drawable for bigger file size limit option
    • ServiceRegistry: Don't throw an exception if OEM_LOCK is missing
    • Settings: Add Remove space under keyboard feature
    • Settings: Add preference for toggling the wallpaper zooming animation
    • Settings: Also disable navbar hint state if IME space is hidden
    • Settings: Disable "SIM card lock" when the SIM card is PUK-blocked
    • Settings: Don’t translate battery_stats_clear string
    • Settings: Fix default value for IME space
    • Settings: Fix gestures saving parameters
    • Settings: Fix loading iconpack-based Wellbeing icon
    • Settings: Improve IME space feature
    • Settings: Long press to copy wifi password
    • Settings: Make NetworkScanHelper max search time customizable
    • Settings: Optimize the selected WFD route preference summary
    • SettingsLib: CollapsingToolbarBaseActivity: Increase scrim transition duration
    • Show the vibrate icon in the Status Bar by default
    • Skip checking SystemUI's permission for observing sensor privacy
    • Switch back to original charging animation background
    • SystemUI: Add left padding for keyguard slices
    • SystemUI: Calculate paged QS tiles height properly
    • SystemUI: FPSInfoService: get statusbar insets ignoring visibility
    • SystemUI: Fix NPE for per-app volume
    • SystemUI: Fix daily data view in QS footer
    • SystemUI: Fix double unlock sound issue
    • SystemUI: Fix few issues with toggling privacy indicators
    • SystemUI: Hide OOS clear all if panel visible because Headsup
    • SystemUI: Hide OOS clear all if reticker enable
    • SystemUI: Make popup menus more rounded
    • SystemUI: QSAnimator: Hide secondary label in QQS
    • SystemUI: Re-inflate keyguard statusbar on theme change
    • SystemUI: Refactor MobileSignalController implementation
    • SystemUI: Refactor brightness slider paddings
    • SystemUI: Set lockscreen clock font dynamically
    • SystemUI: Use App icon for per-app volume
    • SystemUI: add haptic feedback for qs tiles
    • SystemUI: cleanup fps info tile and service
    • SystemUI: logo: Re-align amogus icon
    • SystemUI: screenshot: add delay for long-press partial screenshot
    • SystemUI: screenshot: add extra crop boundaries
    • SystemUI: screenshot: close QS after launching long screenshot activity
    • SystemUI: screenshot: disable magnification for partial screenshots
    • SystemUI: screenshot: open long screenshot activity for partial screenshots
    • SystemUI: screenshot: remove duplicate clamping on move action
    • SystemUI: screenshot: remove misplaced call to set crop view padding
    • Update ThemedIcons
    • Update prebuilt gapps to June patch release versions
    • Update several APNs from SQ3A.220605.009.B1
    • Update translations
    • Use brightness icon matching with slider redesign
    • VolumePanel: Avoid multiple animations on touch spam
    • VolumePanel: Pass touch outside of volume panel
    • Wire up default fonts with font engine
    • apns: Remove user_editable="false" for user visible APNs
    • base: Do not reset keyguard going away state
    • base: Provide missing permissions for SystemUI
    • base: Provide required permissions for cellbroadcastreceiver
    • base: Use font configs instead hardcoded fonts
    • base: overlay: Fix volume panel arrow in Viktor and Sam icon packs
    • base: use a double click effect for charging if there is no amplitude control support
    • build: Override host metadata
    • config: Don't pass CFLAGS_MODULE="-fno-pic" if using LLVM
    • core: Fix menu popup ripple
    • core: Fix showing Toast icons for legacy apps
    • device_config: Disable always screen on
    • fastboot: Hide bootloader/baseband/hw versions if empty
    • fastboot: Prefer ro.boot.hardware.revision for hw-revision
    • fixup! Missing changes haptic issues with gestural navigation
    • fwb: GLSurfaceView: Be less picky about EGLConfig alpha sizes
    • gms: Disable obdm support on non-qcom pixels
    • gms: Include P2021 walls as optional package
    • improve PendingIntent security check compatibility
    • kernel: Avoid unnecessary savedefconfig
    • kernel: Clean up kernel copy recipes
    • kernel: Ensure dtb(o) always get rebuilt
    • kernel: Move TARGET_KERNEL_ADDITIONAL_FLAGS to kernel task
    • kernel: Remove unneeded MKDTIMG dependency
    • kernel: Switch to AOSP DTC instead of using scripts/dtc
    • kernel: Use LLVM's substitutes for GNU binutils if possible
    • kernel: build: Wipe DTB/O OBJs before build
    • libstagefright: omx: Add support for loading prebuilt ddp and ac4 decoder lib
    • media: fix ImageReader to handle P010 images
    • neko/Cat: Mark FLAG_IMMUTABLE PendingIntent with FLAG_MUTABLE
    • overlay: Exclude ImsService from location indicators
    • overlay: Use config_locationExtraPackageNames for indicator exemptions
    • overlay: add cell broadcast service indicator exemption
    • services: AppLockManagerService: ignore uninstall intent if app is being replaced
    • services: fix a synchronization issue in CachedAppOptimizer
    • version: Uprev to 6.5
    Update reposted with fixed firmware. Shouldn't have any issues updating anymore. Apologies for the previous issues. Almost the same changelog. Enjoy!

    Changelog for the latest (07/16/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • Re-include firmware (fixes BT bug)
    ROM changes:
    • BootAnimation: Check for resolution override
    • Camera: Update HighFrameRate GPU flags
    • DeviceIdleJobsController: don't ignore whitelisted system apps
    • Evolver: BlockSensors: Fix/update the way Footer info is added
    • Evolver: Bring back Alarm & Wakelock blocker feature
    • Evolver: Bring back Sensor block package list feature
    • Evolver: Notification media artwork: Better fade filter
    • Extend splash screen exception list to SC-V2
    • Keyguard Clock: Use google sans only for faulty fonts
    • PixelPropsUtils: GameProps: Hide Apex Legends as Mi11
    • PixelPropsUtils: Spoof play store once again
    • Require CONFIG_HID_PLAYSTATION for DualSense key layout
    • Settings: Add toggle to set captive portal settings
    • Settings: AppLock: Make timeout strings translatable
    • Settings: Convert one-handed mode to a PrimarySwitchPreference
    • Settings: DevicePicker: Adapt to S style
    • Settings: Toast insulter: Add new insults
    • Settings: Update all classes which inherit from TogglePreferenceController
    • Settings: Use ListPreference instead of DropDownPreference
    • SystemUI: Allow limiting AOD & ambient display refresh rate via overlay
    • SystemUI: CastTile: Open cast settings on long click
    • SystemUI: Dynamically adjust clock layout for broken fonts
    • ThemedIcons: Bring some more icons
    • base: ChooserActivity: Don't show image edit button on multiple targets
    • base: Prevent NPE for Demo mode
    • core: Optimize download/upload animations
    • fixup! Camera: Skip stream size check for whitelisted apps
    • fonts: Import Roboto fallback font modification
    • fonts: Use fallback variant of Roboto
    • prebuilt: import APNs for CBN
    • services: AppLockManagerService: fix an oob exception
    • themes: fonts: Add ProductSans VH
    • themes: fonts: Add nothingdot font style
    I hope you guys are liking the latest update. The next one will be built by me and expect June security patches to be included.