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[CLOSED]galaxy tab s6 error while updating

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Oct 20, 2021
Mod edit: Thread closed as duplicate of this thread that I've also moved from a development section, for which it didn't qualify, to Q&A:
@alterd010 Please review the XDA Forum Rules with special emphasis on rules no. 5 and no. 15 and the sticked guidances in a forum prior to your next post, post only ONCE and refrain from posting of questions in a development forum. Thanks for your cooperation.

Oswald Boelcke
Senior Moderator

so i was in the middle of flashing a new rom onto my samsung tab s6 lite wifi edition when it randomly disconnected.
the recovery isnt working i cant get into fastboot either nor can i get into download mode any more im stuck on the
"an error has occured while updating the deivce software..." screen and smart switch isnt recognizing my tablet either.
i dont know what else to do anymore
please someone help!
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