[CLOSED] I need you to upload the Android 7 lk.bin!!

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Feb 22, 2023
I am Japanese and cannot write English so I use the Deepl translation tool.

If anyone can upload the Android 7 lk.bin, I'd appreciate it! Unedited, please!

When I modified Android with MTKClient, OrangeState was displayed.
So I used hexed to rewrite 08B50A4B7B44 to 08B5002008BD from binary. Then multiple 08B50A4B7B44s were displayed, so I rewrote them all to 08B5002008BD. However, when I wrote the lk.bin, Android stopped booting, so I am going to write the Android 7 lk.bin that I got from XDA and start over from OrangeState.

python mtk r lk lk.bin

This command will extract lk.bin from Android 7!

Please help me with the upload!!


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Feb 17, 2016

thread closed because topic already exist.

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