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[CLOSED]IMEI + CERT formated on Motorola Moto E7 Power (XT2097-6)

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Hello, i have a Motorola Moto E7 Power (XT2097-6) MT 6762V/WB Mediatek Helio P22 and i was a idiot and format my phone in flashing process. The Rescue and Smart Assistant Tool by Lenovo downloaded for me the SKU XT2097-16 for my Smartphone and extra a SP Flashing Tool. That was the first problem by a official Company. I start the Downloaded Sp Flashing Tool, Select the Downloaded Rom and select Formal all + Download because i want a clean install. That means I lost also my certificate, IMEI number and got a permanetly text print with "carrier invalid" as GUI on (left corner) Screen. Now I can't no more make phone calls or connect to the internet + find no Wlan because my certificate and IMEI are deleted! Everyone says that if you root you will lose your guarantee, but no one says that you will not be able to make phone calls or use the internet because the IMEI number will be deleted. First as Noob, i don't unterstood was IMEI is. Now i can feel the pain. The exaggerated security of the new hardware in Smartphones was completely new to me because my last smartphone was a Samsung GT-S5360, which could be rooted without any problems. Pls accept for now the official factory moto stock rom and wait. I could repair my Hard Brick Phone but not my IMEI number. I have learned. Do not flash with the Smartphone if no solution are available for your phone. Do not try everything! What can i now doing? 1. Contact my Shop Support, 2. Contact the Motorola/Lenovo Support or 3. go to a Mobil GSM Repair Shop to repair the IMEI with very much luck/hope the ability to repair the phone or 4. A useful free tool exist for my phone modell to fix this? Do I still have a guarantee? I have the Phone only 4 Days. My Smartphone is not Rooted.
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Looks phone's /efs and/or /nvram partition, where phone's IMEI and all the networking related stuff is stored, got deleted, whilst formatting the phone.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number for identifying a device. You can think of it as your phone’s chassis number.

To see IMEI on Motorola phones one dials *#06#

Whether phone's warranty got voided due to your tampering or not : IDK.. Typically it's YES.
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