Question [CLOSED] Is the OnePlus nord ce2 hanging problem common in all phones ? What is a solution ?

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Apr 30, 2022
I purchased OnePlus Nord CE 2 5g with huge expectations. The Mediatek Dimensity 900 processor and 8GB RAM assured me that the phone will perform as per expectations.

But, I experienced OnePlus Nord CE2 hanging problem one day when I was using Facebook. The phone stopped responding to touches and the entire display turned black and unresponsive. I tried a lot of things and finally the phone became okay after a forced restart.

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But the OnePlus Nord CE 2 hang issue returned the next day itself and finally a thread in Reddit showed me that OnePlus Nord CE 2 5g hang problem solution is a factory reset and cache partition wipe. Finally now I'm factory reseting my phone almost every month.

Another problem is OnePlus Nord CE 2 heating issue especially when charging and playing games but that is not a big deal when compared with the unresponsive touch screen and hanging.

My question is, are these problems because of a software issue and can they be solved by further updates.
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    Update to latest available software. I don't have hanging issue.