[CLOSED] LineageOS 20.0 Android 13 SM-T510

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Jun 30, 2012
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Hi Peoples,

Now i would explain How to Install LineageOS 20.0 on SM-T510!!!

Its very easy only Follow the Steps, i would now Upload the ZIP-Package with the Files but that can take some Time!!! iam sure Tommorow it is Online 4 Download!!!

The Package Includes following Dirs 12,13,twrp,odin
The Build 13 in it is "lineage-20.0-20230115-UNOFFICIAL-a64_bgN.img"

1und1 OnlineStorage XDA SM-T510 LOS20

The newest LineageOS 20.0 you find Here!!


Step 1#
start Device in Download-Mode
open odin Folder and start Odin*.exe
select from Dir 12 the "lineage-19.1-20220918-UNOFFICIAL-T510XXU5CVG2.tar.md5" and Flash it!!
now Start your Device and Configure the StartUp-Process
copy from Dir 13 the "system.img" to /sdcard/ via Explorer

Step 2#
start Device in Download-Mode
open odin Folder and start Odin*.exe
select from Dir twrp "twrp-3.7.0_11-0-T510XXU5CVG2-20221102.tar.md5" and Flash it!!
reboots to TWRP Recovery

Step 3#
Select Install and Image-File
now Choose "system.img" and Flash it as System-Image
after Finish it, go to Wipe and make a FactoryReset
now Start your System

And Enjoy LineageOS 20.0 on SM-T510

It works without Problems on my Device Hope on yours Too

when it shows before reboot , no OS is Installed and error System_root Partition , only restart the Device and accept the Info with continue!!

sry 4 Double Thread in Guides & ROMs^^

When everybody would collect Expierence with Programming SM-T510 we can Do it Together!! only a PM and we would start Testing the Forums Posts Up and Down with all what whe can do!! I like to Test Installs and New Things!! But iam at work these Week and at Weekend iam going to Play PS4 with my Friend!! also not for ungod when it takes a wile before i answer!!Iam Afraid of new connections and showing my Expierience!!! iam since over 20years learning by XDA my beloved Favorid Place to Lerning how to!!! and when the Builders read this would you show me how to Build a CustomROM/Kernel for Any Device thats where great!!! Iam bring some Knowledge within!!! iam not called by Google as the only One SelfmadeInformatiker without Reason^^ and no i wouldnt Reasearch how it can be do it, i would a interactive connection from PersonToPerson!!! it where a Honor 4 me!!

dont Forget the new Firmware Update 11.01.2023 T510XXU5CWA1!!! Is not needed but Actually is better than Not!!!

Oswald Boelcke

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sry 4 Double Thread in Guides & ROMs^^
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Thanks for your cooperation.

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