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Feb 3, 2016

LineageOS 20.0 For ASUS MAX PRO M2[X01BD]​

#LineageOS #ROM #T #X01BD
LineageOS - v20.0 | Android 13
Size: 849.82 MB
Released: 04/02/'23
By: @DarshanMevada


▪️ Download

Initial Stable Build For Daily use

• Notes:
- Decrypted by default
- Clean flash recommended
- SeLinux Enforcing
- 4.4.302 Kernel

• Flashing Guide :
- Rom + Gapps
-If you facing Night Light Bug then flash Night Light Fix zip

@Rick_r46 Thanks for testing..
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roirraW "edor" ehT

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<Moderator Note>: Kernel source missing, and Gcam & Night_Light_Fix Telegram links require Telegram registration in order to download.

@DARSHAN MEVADA, due to you previously having issues with Kernel Source links in your OPs, I can only give you 24 hours from now to fix your OP. Also, the Gcam and Night_Light_Fix Telegram links require Telegram registration in order to download, which goes against Post #5 "WhatsApp/Telegram Groups and Channels - Going Forward" from the stickied thread at the top of every section Guide to Asus Device Forums (Please Read before Posting), which also details the requirements for Development threads in Post #2 "XDA-Developers and the GPL" and Post #3 "ROMs, Kernel, Recoveries, & Other Development Forum".

I won't bother to quote the relevant parts of those posts, as you should be familiar with these by now.

Please PM me when these things are fixed, or in 24 hours I will remove all links from the OP and close the thread. Also, PM me if you have any questions about this, or if, once the thread is closed, and if you want to fix it, then just click the Report button in the bottom right corner of your OP and the next available moderator will re-open your thread so that you can fix it within 24 hours of re-opening it.

Thank you,

@roirraW "edor" ehT

Update: Due to not even receiving at least a response about this, I've closed the thread. Please use the Report button at the bottom right of your OP when you're ready to fix these items. If you post any new development threads without a direct link to the Kernel source, and with more than one Telegram link, but that Telegram link must not require Telegram registration if it's for downloading something related to the development), then you will receive an official warning next time. Once you receive enough official warnings, further action may be taken against your account.

The GPL legally requires everyone including XDA to link to the updated kernel source used in any Android ROM that's published on XDA.
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