[CLOSED] my phone keeps looping to recovery after installing orange fox

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Jun 8, 2023
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
my phone is redmi note 7 lavender
and I use orange fox with arrow os
after rooting my phone with Magisk I installed orange fox app and it downloaded an update but when rebooting to recovery it went to the system and there where no recovery
then I did
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
with my original orange fox img and then installed the new .zip update and rebooted to it
and after rebooting the system, it goes to recovery with this error
Android Rescue Party trigger! Possible solutions?
the reported problem is
I deleted the caches and nothing changed
it happing to me before and it was solved after the data format
the problem is that I do not want to re do everything
is there a solution without formating the system?

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