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So for the time being we have to use XDA via Browser? As i read correctly.
XDA works fine when using the app from the Playstore. This post was posted using the Playstore app. But remember that 0400 GMT on the 1st of December XDA will go on read-only mode, so you won't be able to post with your browser either


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Jul 21, 2012
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Feb 3, 2018
I have problem with login in XdaLab,the app it tells me username or pw mistaken,with same username and same pw i can login in Xda site,very weird...


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Feb 12, 2013
Just read the last two pages. XDA migrated to a new forum software and XDA labs is down, at least at the moment. Stay tuned.

I had been testing post in other threads and finding that pages from after August 2020 could not be navigated to normally but there was this recent post by you. To access it I found your post history and then could see it and other recent posts.
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The biggest drawback for me using Chrome and the new website instead of the labs app everything is marked unread I don't know where to begin I'm just going to mark everything read and start over. This is going to take some getting used to. You need a section in the menu for subscribed threads on that menu instead of all them devices and all them threads and stuff for ME I didn't see one useful link anywhere in the top 2/3 of that menu. It would be a lot more user friendly. I did find the watched link finally. Just an old members first use impression.

Ps The new site does look nice!
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Jun 8, 2014
Sorry if this was already stated, looked at some pages but didn't find the answer, but right now it is impossible to download the apps from Labs (like Mixplorer)?
Thank you!


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The biggest drawback for me using Chrome and the new website instead of the labs app everything is marked unread I don't know where to begin I'm just going to mark everything read and start over. This is going to take some getting used to. You need a section in the menu for subscribed threads on that menu instead of all them devices and all them threads and stuff for ME I didn't see one useful link anywhere in the top 2/3 of that menu. It would be a lot more user friendly. I did find the watched link finally. Just an old members first use impression.

Ps The new site does look nice!

Evening David, you can find new posts to subscribed threads via the alert (bell) icon ☕😊
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Well letting us know about it is also a good thing :)

So we know we get soon or later a xda forum app (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
svetius scheduled the app launch for the 7th if everything goes fine.
Source: he said it in the XDA 2021 thread, but I think there will be an update to the Portal article


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Evening David, you can find new posts to subscribed threads via the alert (bell) icon ☕😊
You can also view new posts using the What's New section and
filter by Created, Participated, Watched, and Unanswered.
See my thread


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The biggest drawback for me using Chrome and the new website instead of the labs app everything is marked unread I don't know where to begin I'm just going to mark everything read and start over.
Are you still seeing this? Read/unread was broken but it's working now. Only issue is the difference in boldness between read and unread on the dark theme is too subtle, but that's on the list of things to fix.
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    12/31/20: Important update: XDA Labs if officially discontinued. Read about it here.

    Hi everyone,

    We (at XDA) have been working on something. :eek:

    This is XDA Labs. The name isn't final, and this is not the "official" launch... but we are (quietly) giving you guys a chance to try it out so we can get some feedback. So....what is it?

    First and foremost, it's a speedy way to access the forums (ad-free!). You'll see a lot that's familiar with XDA One, because we merged the code into Labs and made a handful of much-needed improvements.

    Second, it's a new way to access all the Xposed modules you love.

    And third, it's a way to distribute apps-- and eventually all sorts of stuff that people upload to XDA. It is 100% pro-developer in that 1) we allow all types of apps (including stuff not allowed on Play), 2) we don't remove apps without warning and without communication to the developer, 3) we enable developers to sell apps, receiving 100% of the proceeds directly, 4) we accept Bitcoin payment, which is fast, easy, and low cost, and 5) we utilize alpha, beta and stable release channels so devs can have control in how they distribute apps to users. :highfive:

    If you are a developer and want to add your app, go here:

    Labs is discontinued. Read about it here.

    Otherwise...use the app, and tell us what you think! Again, Labs is very much Beta right now so keep your expectations in check! :D

    XDA:DevDB Information
    XDA Labs, App for all devices (see above for details)

    blk_jack, svetius, bitpushr, rwestergren

    Version Information
    Current Beta Version: 1.1.6
    Beta Release Date: 2018-03-19

    Created 2015-11-05
    Last Updated 2018-03-19
    Known Issues
    • Multiple embedded quotes can break/rearrange incorrectly
    • Multi-quote is limited to current page
    • Chipset/architecture specific app builds unavailable (arm64/intel/etc)
    • If your account name has been manually changed on XDA it also needs to be changed in Labs and can only be done by an admin
    • Additional glitches, quirks and other bugs listed here (maintained by @Wood Man)

    General Limitations
    • / forum tags aren't rendered
      [*]Attachments can't be added when editing posts
      [*]Files can't be removed once attached (user must start post over)

    Support Your Device!
    If your device isn't being identified correctly, please take a look at the Android Device Names Registry. This is a community maintained repo you can contribute to so Labs (and other apps) can rightfully identify your device.​

    Community Chat
    Want to chat with the team or other Labs users? Want to help debug an issue?
    Join us on Telegram in the XDA Labs group!

    Help translate! Aide Ã?* traduire! Aiutare a tradurre!
    Head on over to our page on thee mighty CrowdIn to join in the fun!​

    Q: Where's the source!?!?
    Not available and no ETA. It's not up to us (the team behind Labs), so please don't ask as we're not the ones to answer.

    Q: Notifications seem a bit inconsistent or delayed! What gives?!
    Labs uses a very light-weight notification service that uses MQTT instead of Google Play Services. Due to the changes first found in M, Android has made Google Play Services the only way for apps to reliably get notifications. You can get around this by manually adding Labs to the "Don't Optimize" list in Settings -> Apps -> Special Access -> Battery optimization -> All apps. The term "Don't Optimize" is misleading, Labs won't drain your battery and you'll get notifications properly. Read more about it here.

    Q: How do I disable the Apps/Xposed part of the app? I only want forums!
    Right now you can't! We're looking into letting the user disable parts of the app, but in the meantime you can enable the XDA Forums launcher icon. When loading directly into the Forums none of the App/Xposed sections will be loaded into memory. See this post for more info.

    Q: Since this app is part-store and it won't be allowed on Play, how do I get updates?!
    Good question! Labs has OTA self-updates that will notify you when a new version is available.

    Q: I'm getting a Parse error when installing apps, what gives?
    This is a Package Installer issue. Check out a workaround here.

    Q: I have updates from GroovyAPKs/GoogleAPKs for apps I haven't even installed via Labs! What gives?!
    From the explanation in the app itself:
    In addition to indie apps, Labs also contains staged roll-out versions of popular big-name apps. This means you can get the latest release of Hangouts before it's available on Play for your device or country. Updating via Labs still lets you get future updates. You just get the newer version sooner. Yay!

    These staged roll-outs are snatched as soon as the roll-out begins and made available immediately in Labs. They're hand-picked by cyborgs at XDA (GroovyAPKs/GoogleAPKs) and are identical to the versions eventually pushed out on Google Play..
    You can block apps by clicking on the circle with a / slash through it above the Apps tab.

    Q: Can you change the paged layout of threads to endlessly scroll instead?
    Sorry, this change requires a substantial amount of backend work done first and as such is not planned for any time in the near future.

    Q: How can I add an App?
    Simply visit labs.xda-developers.com and login using your XDA username.

    Q: I'm an Xposed Mod dev, how do I add a banner, screenshots, etc to my mods?
    Xposed Mods are still added/edited on rovo89's repo.xposed.info. Once your Xposed Mod is added there, you can log into the Labs console to add a banner, screenshots and more to your mod!

    Q: How can I add my Wallpaper??
    We're working on expanding our dev console to support the upload and management of user submitted wallpapers.

    Q: I found a bug! Fix it!
    Yea yea, sure sure. First, if possible, download the latest debug build. Second, recreate your issue while capturing a log using logcat. Third, post a brief description of how to re-create your issue, with your device information and the log attached. It's that easy! EDIT: This has been roughly outlined in this post. Feel free to use it as a guide but do not ask support related questions on adb or how to capture logs.
    We wish to keep this app updated according to constructive user feedback. Here's a peak at what's next for the app!
    • CPU/chipset build options (intel/arm64/etc)
    • Auto-update apps toggle for rooted devices
    • Ability to hide/disable parts of the app you don't use
    • Super dark AMOLED theme
    • Nickname auto-complete on PM, mention, etc
    • Download wallpapers
    • Moderation tools
    • Data-saver for forum images (load on-demand instead of automatically)

    Check out the suggestions list here

    [Latest Labs] (debug build)

    1.1.6b (Mar 19)
    Notice: Upgrading to 1.1.6b may temporarily break installed substratum themes. Please rebuild the XDA Labs overlay to fix this.
    • [tweak] Update supported devices
    • [tweak] Translation updates
    • [fix] Edit post length related errors
    • [fix] Workaround some Huawei device startup crashes
    • [fix] Large image OOM crashes in posts
    • [fix] News top images not filling header
    • [fix] My Device crash for certain devices

    1.1.4b (Feb 05)
    • [feature] LG theme support (thanks @markbencze!)
    • [tweak] Add more supported devices
    • [tweak] Upgrade network stack
    • [tweak] Upgrade Android support libs
    • [tweak] Upgrade search backend
    • [tweak] Updated translations
    • [fix] Portal news network error (September 15)
    • [tweak] Add support for more devices
    • [tweak] Add telegram chat link
    • [tweak] Translation updates, added Korean
    • [fix] Back-end file attachment errors more descriptive
    • [fix] Broken / out-of-order image bug in N/O
    • [fix] Download receiver crash on some devices
    • [fix] OP post tag vanishing on rotation
    • [fix] Forum launch fragment crash (June 4)
    • [fix] Certain network requests/actions randomly failing
    • [fix] Mangled translations
    • [fix] Revamp retry code for handling forum API request failure
    • [tweak] Extract out some colors for themes
    • [tweak] Update translations
    • [tweak] Update device names lib

    1.1.1b (January 18)
    • [feature] Scroll to the top of tabs by clicking tab title
    • [feature] Add support for https forum links
    • [tweak] Updated device names lib
    • [tweak] Updated SearchPlus libs
    • [tweak] Thread search results launch new stack (>KK)
    • [tweak] Shared forum URLs default to https
    • [tweak] Browser option for failed forum URL parse
    • [tweak] Play edition removal prompt on full upgrade
    • [tweak] Update translations / add Arabic
    • [fix] Backing out of articles properly kills video
    • [fix] Prevent quoting/replies in locked threads
    • [fix] Fix page # in URL in thread share/browser
    • [fix] KK issues with SearchPlus

    1.1.0b (November 11)
    • [feature] Forum Search webview replaced with Search Plus
    • [feature] Launcher shortcuts for Android 7.1
    • [tweak] Circle icons for Android 7.1
    • [tweak] forumdisplay URLs added to parser
    • [tweak] Add shortcut from Android notification settings
    • [tweak] Optimize app/xposed list refresh request
    • [tweak] More supported devices to My Device
    • [tweak] Update translations
    • [fix] Themes change without app restart
    • [fix] Thread list resume crash

    1.0.9b (October 14)
    • [feature] Auto-draft saving for posts/PMs
    • [feature] Android Wear full notification support
    • [feature] Enhanced notifications
    • [tweak] Quote/Mention/PM caching and pre-loading
    • [tweak] Dismissed notifications not shown again
    • [tweak] Thread OP can now edit thread title
    • [tweak] Unseen thread default switched back to end
    • [tweak] Tweak rating star speed & rounding
    • [tweak] Thread search results UI
    • [tweak] Load multi-page thread search results
    • [tweak] Share article shortcut
    • [tweak] Add drafts to post edits
    • [tweak] Thread search results sorted by date
    • [tweak] Update to Nougat support libs
    • [tweak] Update 3rd party libs
    • [tweak] Update DB lib, use faster sorting for results
    • [tweak] Update translations
    • [tweak] App signing certificate validation
    • [tweak] Clickable links in app description
    • [tweak] Thread list rendering now much faster
    • [tweak] NavDrawer shown in Forums section if unread notices
    • [tweak] Removed All forum tab
    • [tweak] Find a forum search icon only shown in Forum tabs
    • [fix] Some device detect mismatches
    • [fix] Single page threads properly marked as read on visit
    • [fix] Thread marked as read on new reply
    • [fix] Light theme star rating white on white
    • [fix] Review modal button wrap
    • [fix] Existing drafts not saving properly
    • [fix] Xposed light theme star rating
    • [fix] Share news article crash
    • [fix] Edit post adding to [IMG/YOUTUBE] urls [*] [fix] [Q...st log more verbosely to help with debugging.
    Hi folks, a quick update on some recent changes.

    We've successfully migrated the backend from Amazon to GCP. This includes an updated & more modern CI/CD that will improve the process to build/deploy the backend services. It also means we can scale and monitor those services better.

    The app itself is now also tied into a new build process which automatically signs and generates builds for testers. With that in place, we'll be able to get additional developers on board and have their contributions be merged in with proper testing to prevent regression issues.

    So what's next? Well, the notifications will finally be fixed and switched over from our homegrown MQTT setup to FCM.
    After that a slew of modernizations will be merged in to pave the way for some of the changes & additions you've been asking for over the past few years.

    This is all happening with the help of @Wood Man and I'll do my best to keep updating this thread as new builds are finally released and changes to the app itself are rolled out.

    Thanks for your patience and support <3
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    If you're viewing this in Labs, the NOPARSE tag won't be working and you'll see the image instead of the code. I realize the irony ;)