Development [CLOSED][ROM][12.1_r5][unOFFICIAL] Evolution X 6.3.1 [05/14/2022]

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Apr 19, 2008
hello, is it possible to see some screenshots?

I am now on android 13 beta 1, in order to install this rom I have to go back to android 12.1 patch may?
I have to unlock the bootloader, right?
I can give the command: fastboot -w update (
in order to do a clean install?
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    thread will be closed.
    Thank you to my users, my friends, my teachers, and my android colleagues.

    @AnierinB @ZeNiXxX @acuicultor @dabug123 @aer0zer0 @Androbots @mukesh22584 @semdoc @xstefen @gotenksIN @abalam and so many others who have taught me so much!
    New raven and oriole builds are live on source forge



    Added overlay to enhance live translate
    Add back subtle tick from QS
    Set defaults for apps

    Adjusted conditionals that were breaking wireless charging compatibility, so pixel stands work now
    Stock overlays
    AudioDeviceBroker: handle back to back device change requests
    Fix dialog exit animation
    GameSpace: Do not hardcode font to sans-serif
    Settings: Add back increasing ring feature
    Settings: Fix misspelling on hotspot string
    Telecomm: Fix few issues with Blink with call
    base: Export bodyFontFamily and bodyFontFamilyMedium symbols
    Evolver: Remove QQS brightness slider customization
    SystemUI: Remove Evolver QS Tile
    SystemUI: onLongClick Settings button for The Evolver
    TriStateUi: Adapt new status bar height api
    overlay: core: Add CNE indicator exemption role
    rro_overlays: SystemUIGoogleOverlay: Remove Evolver as default QS tile
    version: Rebrand 6.4 into Omega
    DisplayPowerController: avoid updating settings when adjustment is NaN
    Evolver: Pulse: Custom gravity and Center mirrored
    Evolver: Pulse: Extend to QS Panel
    Evolver: Pulse: Vertical mirror
    Partially revert "Wake up to lock screen when bouncer is visible"
    Pulse: correctly stop it on screen OFF events
    Settings: Configurable Navbar Radius
    Switch GamingMode to GameSpace
    prebuilt: add APN for GT
    prebuilt: add APN for We4G Israel
    Evolver: Remove screen off animations
    Settings: Add setup UI for minimum delay between an app's notification sounds
    Settings: Desktop backup password: Tint buttons to match system theme
    Settings: Fix Android Beam switch bar content
    Settings: Fix WifiSettings FC when rotating screen
    Settings: Improve battery stats reset strings
    Settings: Only use FP enrollment for SUW
    Settings: Port "Battery Usage Alerts" feature from factory images
    Settings: PowerUsageSummary: open advanced usage on header click
    Settings: Refactor hardcoded radius of ActionPrimaryButton to resource
    Settings: Use correct icon to reset battery stats
    Settings: Use font configs instead fonts directly
    core: Wipe package cache on upgrade even on user build
    SystemUI: Export RecordingService for External Usage
    SystemUI: Show notification row only when unlinked from ringer volume
    SystemUI: TaskHelper: Adapt theme changed for 12L
    config: Fix backuptool path
    overlay: Add to indicator exemptions
    Add "ro.hardware.egl_legacy" for ANGLE system driver
    BatteryService: Fix battery led not turning off when unplugged at 100%
    Check ACCELEROMETER_ROTATION_ANGLES for current user
    DSU: Only try to install on sdcard if the filesystem in use is vfat
    Evolver: Allow enabling compact layout of 3 button navigation bar
    Keystore 2.0: Add CREATION_DATETIME only for Keymint V1 and higher.
    NavigationBarInflaterView: fix concurrent unsafe variable leads to nohint overlay reload forever
    Nuke Light theme for QS panel
    Replace fullscreen gestures with hide gestural navigation hint bar from LOS
    Settings: Add Reset battery stats button
    Settings: Change Evolution X version preference behavior
    Settings: Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
    Settings: Relocate rotation angle settings to another fragment
    SystemUI: Add missing call to init isDeviceProvisioned in PhoneStatusBarPolicy
    SystemUI: Blurs: allow blur even when GFX acceleration is disabled
    SystemUI: Catch IllegalArgumentException in updateHint()
    SystemUI: Make isTablet() use correct API for getting window metrics
    SystemUI: Split status bar icon controls for vibrate and mute
    Update SysUI to be compatible with latest Jetpack libraries
    Use Unix epoch time for build number
    core: Disable Dalvik lock contention logging
    keystore: Rate limit attestation for Google Play Services
    use more loadDrawableAsUser in MediaDataManager
    version: Uprev to 6.4 (Snow-Relapse)
    Call setBrightness when user stops swiping on statusbar
    Fix bluetooth percentage not showing on battery widget
    NavigationBarView: Show floating rotation if 2-button nav mode enabled
    PackageManagerService: Protect forced enabled components at runtime
    PermissionManager: fix NPE in getIndicatorExemptedPackages
    SystemUI: migrate status bar manual brightness to float
    SystemUI: unify statusbar manual & auto brightness code
    apn: Grameenphone uses APN 'gpinternet'
    fix file sLoadComparator issue
    Settings: Remove Google Cell Broadcast Receiver package config
    core: Disable LiveDisplay display mode by default
    overlays: Acherus: Use correct path for some icons
    rro_overlays: Build NowPlayingOverlay for Pixels by default
    rro_overlays: Create ApexSettingsOverlay
    Add more core Google apps to system app whitelist for applock
    Evolver: Remove broken click to partial screenshot feature
    Update translations
    Add various system packages to indicator exemptions
    Clean up whitelisted packages in privacy indicator controller
    PixelPropsUtils: Spoof some Google apps to raven
    Settings: Check wifi direct feature for showing preferences
    Settings: Remove conflicting color modes array
    ThemedIcons: Update and add Repainter
    frameworks: Exempt location packages from location indicators
    fs_mgr: Allow remounts with Magisk installed
    init: Skip interface duplicates if service is an override
    libsparse: Add simg2img_static target for host
    telephony: Bring back "Fix loading SIM phonebook redundantly"
    telephony: Handle that an operator numeric can be null

    Dirty flash ok

    Hey, everything is running smooth over here since install. I have to admit, even compared to how I had my stock-root setup, this ROM is somehow so much better. First 2 "biggies" for me, that I've noticed so far, are 1-the fingerprint scanner is snappier, and I don't have to press hard like on stock!! 2-Hulu is available in the playstore. That's a no go for rooted stock.
    Other than that, everything just works that I use normally. I want to donate, but things are very hard for me right now. I would like to offer my art and wallpapers and service, if you need a 3D artist, let me know. I love your build, thanks for sharing!

    My walls get posted to reddit as u/stryver_elite if you want to check them out
    Thank you so much and don't worry about a donation. I do this for the fun and it means a lot to see people appreciate the work. While yes it is work, it is fun and a great hobby. I will check out your work nonetheless and thank you so much for offering that. Money is just energy and we can achieve so much without it. Thank you for the support friend
    Nice work helping the new guy. That is what this is about!