***CLOSED*** [ROM] Project Unbound V2.1 [G98X]-[DVL3]-[OneUI5.0]

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sufian shah

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Sep 4, 2022
Is there any fix for camera night mode please help i really love the rom everything else works just fine but the night mode.


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Apr 15, 2010
You have solved the problem of the portion of the image and the power of the camera which in the past stopped at 48 megapixels Because having a 108 megapixel camera annoys me a little bit not being able to use it


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Feb 14, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S20


New member
Sep 11, 2022
hi guys

when i install v1.4 on stock rom there are only 16gb of rom in my storage.

any help?

thank you

S20 5g- 981b


Senior Member
Aug 25, 2022
S20 ultra s20 plus s20 one ui 5.0 beta
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Aug 10, 2015
Version 1.5 has been released ussd code *#1234 # does not work. Please, who has updated 1.5, type the code *# 1234 # in the and drop the screen here.


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Sep 24, 2018
A Build prop fix has been released, check the OP for the link in the Downloads section.


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Nov 26, 2014
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    Hello XDA Community, I present the newest Project for the Galaxy S20 series...Project Unbound. This Project is a full port of the Galaxy S21 firmware, currently G998BXXS5DVL3.


    • SM-G980F
    • SM-G981B
    • SM-G985F
    • SM-G986B
    • SM-G988B

    • G998BXXS5DVL3

    This ROM currently uses the Stock Samsung Kernel.

    The clean source code of the Kernel used in this Project can be found here.

    • Call Recording
    • Shutter Sound Menu
    • Real-time Network speed
    • App Lock support
    • Anti-Phishing support in Samsung Messages
    • Anti Malware feature disabled in Device Care
    • Colour of Days in the Calendar app.
    • Camera enabled during calls.
    • Recent App protection
    • The default homepage in Samsung Internet is set to this
    • Knox Guard support is disabled.
    • Enhanced Image Quality.
    • eSIM support.

    • G998BXXSDVL3

    • Knox disabled
    • Disabled file encryption
    • Disabled process authentication
    • Disabled VaultKeeper
    • Disabled SCS
    • Disabled esecos daemon
    • Disabled AVB
    • Loads of additional camera features
    • Loads of additional Single Take features
    • Full OneUI 4.1 experience
    • Fully enabled screenshots in secure apps (Including DRM-protected apps). Thanks @edzamber
    • Disabled Watchdog, thanks @ananjaser1211
    • Official Status in Settings
    • Unbound Information & Banner in Software information

    • A new menu containing many additional selectable features exclusive to UnboundROM.
    • Integrated ROM control into the installation.
    • Wipe Options (Dirty Flash or Clean Flash)
    • CSC Features (Add a range of CSC features during the installation)
    • Boot Animation options (Choose to either stay stock or apply our V2 animation)
    • Embedded Magisk Installation (Optional to choose Magisk Canary, Magisk Alpha, or stay Unrooted)
    • Hosts options (AdAway installation, with the ability to backup & restore your previous hosts file)

    • Galaxy Watch Pairing
    • Bluetooth pairings
    • Single Take
    • Portrait Mode
    • 64MP Super Resolution
    • SafetyNet (must use kdrag0n's module)
    • Private Share
    • Secure WiFi

    • Custom Boot logos for each device, thanks @dutchman89
    • Unbound boot animation by @dutchman89
    • A large number of prop tweaks for battery, data, performance, and Dalvik
    • Netflix fix (HD is now fixed)
    • Frame buffer increased to help with gaming

    • RED = The Bug needs logs.

    • ORANGE = The Bug has been reported, and the error has been found; a fix is expected in a future release.

    • GREEN = A fix file has been provided for this bug and will be implemented in the next available rom release.

    • Facial Recognition (The error has been found, and a fix is being internally tested. Facial recognition works on G988B.)

    NOTICE: The steps below will trip Knox & possibly void your Warranty; following these steps will perform a mandatory data wipe due to Bootloader status changes, so please make sure you back up any/all of your important files somewhere else other than your phone's storage.


    1. Enable Developer Options; you can do this by going to Settings -> About Phone -> Software Information -> Tap "Build Number" 7 times and enter your phone's pin if prompted.
    2. Open Developer Options and enable the "Allow OEM Unlocking" option.
    3. Shut down your phone.
    4. Connect your phone to your PC or connect your headphones to boot into Download Mode with the combination (HOLD VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN)
    5. Press and hold the Volume up button (Bootloader unlock screen)
    6. Once on the Bootloader unlock screen, press the Volume up button to confirm the unlock (WARNING: This action will perform a factory reset, and the phone may restart once or twice (this is normal), you will soon boot back into the Setup wizard, skip this initial setup there is no need to login to anything.)
    7. Enable Developer options again (Follow Step 1) and check that the OEM toggle is enabled & greyed out.
    8. Congratulations, you have unlocked the Bootloader and are ready to continue to the next step.


    1. Download this TWRP+VBMETA file to your PC.
    2. Boot your phone into Download Mode.
    3. Single press Volume Up to start ODIN Mode
    4. Load ODIN on your PC.
    5. Go to options and untick "Auto Reboot..."
    6. Select the (USERDATA) slot and select the downloaded file from Step 1.
    7. Click start on ODIN and wait for it to finish.
    8. Upon a pass, keep the phone connected to your PC or headphones, then hold the Power button + Volume down button; as soon as the screen goes black, hold the Power button and Volume UP button.
    9. You should now be in TWRP.

    1. Do a complete data wipe (Wipe -> Format Data -> Type "yes")
    2. Reboot back into RECOVERY (Reboot -> Recovery)
    3. Download the latest Unbound release and copy it to your phone (PC to Phone) or a USB OTG device, or if you have SD Card, you could store it on that.

    1. In TWRP, click "Install" if using a USB OTG device, press "Select storage", and press "USB OTG" or "SD Card" if using an SD Card.
    2. Browse to the location you stored the ROM zip.
    3. Swipe to confirm the flash.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions, select your desired features, and wait for the ROM to install.
    5. When the ROM has finished installing, press "Save Logs" to send to the Developer if you bump into any issues.
    6. Reboot into the System.
    7. Do the setup wizard as usual.
    8. Congratulations, you have successfully installed UnboundROM and are good to go! Enjoy!


    1. Boot into TWRP
    2. Load UnboundROM zip
    3. In Wipe Options, select "Clean Install"
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions, and wait for UnboundROM to be installed.
    5. Boot into the System.


    A dirty flash may or may not work, as we cannot guarantee that flashing UnboundROM over the top of another ROM will cause any issues; so, therefore, we do not recommend it, but of course, it is your device and your responsibility so please feel free to make your own choice here but please do not come to our chats and complain about issues caused from a dirty flash over another custom ROM.

    When updating versions of Unbound, it is very dependent on what version you are currently running and the version you want to update to, an example being if you are on V1.0 and want to update to V1.1, a dirty flash would be fine unless stated in the OP otherwise.
    However, if you say you are upgrading the OS version, i.e. OneUI 4 to OneUI 5, you would need to update your device to the latest firmware first via SamFirm/Frija/hadesFirm etc.

    Please take note of the changelogs of each version as they will state the requirements to update and if a clean flash will be required or not.

    When a dirty flash is impossible, and you need to update your device to the latest/specified firmware, please follow the recommended steps below. These steps will assume you are already running UnboundROM:

    1. Download the latest/required firmware using either samFirm, Frija or hadesFirm
    2. Unzip the firmware zip and remove the .md5 from the end of each file name.
    3. Boot your phone into download mode, load Odin, turn off Auto reboot options, and load the files into the relevant slots. ( BL = BL, AP = AP, CP = CP, CSC = HOME_CSC) (IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE "HOME_CSC" TO KEEP YOUR DATA INTACT)
    4. Press start, and wait for it to complete.
    5. When complete, keeping the phone connected to the PC, boot your phone into TWRP, and load the latest/downloaded rom.zip
    6. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the ROM to be installed.
    7. When the installation is complete, press the "Save Log" button in case of any issues.
    8. Congratulations, you have successfully updated your version of UnboundROM. Boot to the System and enjoy!

    • Updated to G998BXXS5DVL3
    • Added the Unbound Kernel
    • Removed all Christmas theming.
    • Removed embedded Canary (Alpha works better with Banking Apps)

    • The Unbound Christmas Theme has been applied.
    • Christmas theme includes a new boot animation, new logos and new boot logos.

    • The device-specific files have been revised and updated.
    • Support for G985F has been fixed.

    • The issue causing a green screen after using 10x zoom has been fixed.
    • The issue causing a forced crash after taking a Night Mode photo has been addressed.
    • An issue causing a crash during the post-processing of a photo has been fixed.

    • Updated base to G998BXXSDVK1
    • I have fixed some errors where 120Hz would not be applied.
    • Applied CloudflareDNS settings globally.
    • I separated the Modes & Routines app into another option in the Debloat section instead of being removed when selecting to remove Bixby.

    • Updated base to G988BXXUFFVI7
    • Fixed Netflix HD/HDR
    • Add some new Network tweaks
    • Add Burn In Protection

    • Updated base to G998BXXU5CVGB
    • Fixed camera issue

    • Updated base to G998BXXU5CVF2
    • Integrated ROM control into the main installation
    • Applied low brightness fix.

    • Updated base to G998BXXU5CVDD
    • Implemented Portrait Mode Fix
    • Implemented Single Take Fix
    • Added a bunch of Single Take & Camera mods by default.
    • Misc fixes.

    • Updated base to G998BXXU4CVD2
    • Implemented Night Mode fix
    • Fixed missing Secure Folder
    • Fixed missing USSD code dependencies
    • Updated embedded Magisk versions to the latest

    • Initial Release

    "Useful Links" removed by moderator

    Download links removed by moderator

    • Dutchman89 - Boot Animation, custom boot logos, and other branding logos. Thanks a ton.
    • Anan1211 - Endless help throughout the years
    • corsicanu - Endless service throughout the years & official TWRP
    • Topjohnwu - Magisk Developer
    • Nathan - Aroma colouring
    • Samsung - Base Firmware
    • Andrei - Help & Support
    • All of the Unbound testers team
    • If I missed your name and you feel you should be credited, please DM me on Telegram with why you should be credited.
    I dont get how some people think theyre somehow "winning" by getting rid of google...i have never understood it...all youre literally doing is making your device, and therefore life, less functional

    Reminds me of that ROM some dev cooked up for my old Pixel 2XL and other devices that was so paranoid focussed that on their FAQ it actually said to wear baseball caps to avoid detection in real life and keep your phone in a farady bag when not using it...im not even joking here

    Personally all the same level of bonkers thought processes to me, seems like everyone who feels this way should go and join a militia in Michigan and bang on about the "new world order"

    If you dont like google apps, then go and buy an iphone and see how much you like that.....ill keep your seat warm here for when you get back :)

    Google isnt the problem, its what people cough up on social media and communications thats the problem....and i cant believe people havent figured this out by now...stop blaming google, they only use what you voluntarily give them...so please stop blaming Google, its your fault, stop sharing so much... some people cant help themselves, oversharing has become a cancer...

    Me, ive been interconnected since BBS days, and to date theres not even one picture of me out there, or any of my personal info, probably because i dont think im important enough to bother people with my inane life...sadly this restraint is not shared by most of society...people like to vomit everything they do in life onto the web, with pictures

    And then they want to bang on about privacy and the erosion of such

    I weep for humanity, youre the problem...
    Thread has been updated with Unbound V1.1 links, happy flashing!
    The project has been updated to V2.0, carrying G998BXXSDVK1. Happy flashing.
    Thread updated with the latest release.