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[CLOSED][ROM] SDRAGON_S20FE-R_U4CUH1_v1.1 by fivanbe

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Oct 11, 2021
Hi everyone, I'm one more of the S20FE owners - mine's already primed with TWRP, and waiting for something decent to install on it.
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    This is a Odin-flashable custom ROM for the S20 FE 5G (SM-G781B) by @fivanbe.
    For now, this is just a base ROM without any significant mods or addons.

    Installation instructions:
    1. Download official U4CUH1 firmware from Samsung. I used the tool "Frija". Or from this website.
    2. Download custom ROM SDRAGON_S20FE-R_U4CUH1_v1.1.zip.
    3. Decompress SDRAGON_S20FE-R_U4CUH1_v1.1.zip, and copy the files SDRAGON_MODS-CSC .zip and SDRAGON_MOD-CSC-MULTIACTION.zip to your phones internal memory, not sd-card. If you want root, also copy magisk.apk to the same destination.
    4. Put your phone into download mode. To do this, power off the phone. Press and hold vol+ and vol-. Now plug in the USB cable in your phone. When in download mode, press vol+ to continue in download mode.
    5. Flash official U4CUH1 firmware with Odin.
    Put BL in BL
    Put AP in AP
    Put CP in CP
    Put HOME_CSC in CSC (this is important, otherwise you will lose data if you put CSC in CSC. Always use HOME_CSC)
    In Odin options, uncheck "Auto Reboot".
    6. Without restarting the phone, flash AP_SDRAGON_S20FE-R_U4CUH1_v1.1.tar and CSC_SDRAGON_S20FE-R_U4CUH1_v1.1.tar with Odin.
    7. Reboot your phone into TWRP. To do this, restart your phone from download mode with vol- and power button. Immediately press and hold vol+ and power button to boot into TWRP.
    8. Flash SDRAGON_MOD-CSC-MULTIACTION.zip and SDRAGON_MODS-CSC .zip. Optional flash magisk.apk for root.
    9. Reboot

    This ROM uses Samsung stock kernel source.
    This ROM was developed, because I donated a phone to the developer.
    I'm not the developer of this ROM, so a mod moved this thread from "kernels roms and recoveries" to here. Those are the XDA rules.
    The region stays the same.
    As far as I know, you cannot downgrade from U4 to U3 or below.
    @Full House
    Which magisk modules are you using?
    This is a base stock rom. I'm running it since yesterday without problems.
    for the power menu it's an Xposed module here
    And for network speed and call recording it's a "DecodecCSC" magisk module from @ Morphée here is the zip to flash in Magisk reboot and enjoy.
    If I understood correctly @fivanbe's ROM is not yet fully finished?
    Read the OP, its based of stock Samsung ROM, in this instance is based on Android 11 (https://www.sammobile.com/samsung/galaxy-s20-fe/firmware/SM-G781B/#SM-G781B)

    Read the Op and his subsequent posts fella, Ubimo is not the dev. He donated an S20FE to the dev to get a custom ROM developed. But if you want to want for the dev to post in the ROM forum that's your prerogative.
    Look I'm not saying this to be an ass or anything like that it just needs more structure dev or not...if I wasn't the dev I would of setup this post properly with changelog some screens and make it look nice you don't have to be a dev to do that.. and it's based on the official samsung rom hmm interesting so what about those tweaks that were suppose to work from the get go? I can add those exact tweaks through magisk and xposed.. it's throwing alot of red flags for me and so many questions so I'm just gonna wait for some progress before I touch this..I've been in the custom rom game since my galaxy s5..