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Jan 14, 2022
Want to do some of the things in this thread to my mix fold 2, but have no prior experience with rooting etc. Anyone know if im able to get someone to remotely do it for a fee of course?


Oswald Boelcke

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Anyone know if im able to get someone to remotely do it for a fee of course?
@karkid1 Thread has been closed. Even if you don't promote a paid service your question asks for one, and we don't allow XDA to be a platform to make money.
XDA Forum Rules (excerpt):
13. Advertising and Income Generation

Commercial advertising, advertising referral links, pay-per-click links, all forms of crypto-mining and other income generating methods are forbidden. Do not use XDA-Developers as a means to make money.
(However, hosting sites that provide a small amount of income, are GPL compliant, have direct download links, and minimal ads are allowed contingent on XDA approval.)
A short remark as you used the word "Telegram" in your thread's title. Regarding social media links please observe that as an exemption from the last bullet of rule no. 5 of the XDA Forum Rules, we grant only developers the privilege to share references to their social media in their own development threads and if thorough support is provided in the thread. These conditions obviously wouldn't apply to this thread or you. Additional information is also available here:
As you also already tried to sell on XDA a few months ago, I suggest that you thoroughly and completely review the forum rules in order to avoid more severe consequences to your account.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Oswald Boelcke
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