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[CLOSED] Trustworthy bootloader unlock for HUAWEI MatePad T 8 (kob2-l09)

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New member
Dec 4, 2021
I am not familiar with bootloader unlocking services on the net for kob2-l09.

I am happy with paid services but not sure which one to go with there are 100's of sites that cliam to provide such service but unsure who to trust. Is there a service provider that is trusted by people here within the community that I can get the bootloader unlock code from.

Thanks in advance

Oswald Boelcke

Senior Moderator / Moderator Committee
Staff member

Welcome to XDA, and I hope you'll always get the support you require. However, due to rules no. 11 and no. 13 of the XDA Forum Rules, which you've certainly completely read during your registration, I've closed your thread. Offering, sharing or promotion of paid service (including paid unlock services) is not allowed on XDA, and a reply to your question would therefore imply a rules violation that we want to avoid.

Oswald Boelcke
Senior Moderator
Not open for further replies.