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[CLOSED]Want to recover data from dead oneplus 7 pro

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Aug 11, 2021
OnePlus 7 Pro
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Oswald Boelcke
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Hii My oneplus 7 pro get dead… blackout while using and battery life is very good never faced problem, it is on 65% while dead. Now nothing is working it is not powering ON, no volume up + power, volume down + power, all three together. But nothing is working. I also tried keep my phone charging full night. My charger is OK. But it also not worked.

i visited oneplus store, they told me first they update software then they will check if there is any internal hardware malfunction. So i took my mobile back. Because I don’t want to loose my important data of last two years, it have my experiments, my future projects, my btc mobile wallets, and photos and videos.

is there anyway to recover my data?
after software update can i recover my data?
I tried everything, dogphone toolkit, drfone. But they don’t have option for oneplus 7 pro?

so please help and suggest what to do to recover my data.
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