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I decided to stop developing...

- There are many noobs on xda
- No respect to devs
- Everybody knows everything

Please don't reply. I requested to close.
Not open for further replies.

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    Have full previewwwwww!!!we did it guyssss!!!!what a pity it was a silly ****tt!!!it's a great dayyyy!!!!
    Getting further on openmax video encoder/decoder.
    Solved a lot of errors on compiling again. Let's hope I will solve the other ones too :D

    Sent from my LG-P500 using xda premium
    Recorded videos play smooth, only the first second is laggy, afterwards it is ok!
    Will upload fixes to my github :D
    Guess we will have a new release soon :D
    Updated a lot of kernel patches guys :) you can find it on p500 github :) i have also a good news..:) i've worked this period to get money to buy a new optimus...i've bow it and next week i will receive new optimus one :) i'm on it at full time another time guys :)
    Unofficial Nightlies building started.
    Downloads on www.multipleandroidcoding.net/cm9-nightlies

    Moving them soon, cause downloadspeeds suck :D
    So don't start about speed ;)

    Now I'm going to sleep, my fellow patients are already dreaming :D

    Sent from my LG-P500 using xda premium