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[CloudMobile Stratus_C5 Unlock/Recovery/Root RELEASE]

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Proudly Presents
Another Exclusive Release

Supported Model
Cloud Mobile
Stratus C5

TWRP_10 Recovery

GSI Roms ?

Patched-lk.img contains the Orange State Boot warning Patched out
Patched-boot.img & Patched-vbmeta.img Are Pre-Rooted Images

BootLoader Unlock

Recovery Download & Device Tree
Device Source

A-Team Website
A-Team Supported Devices

TeleGram Live Support
A-Team Digital Solutions

Thanks to @bkerler for MtkClient​


  • Patched-boot.img
    24 MB · Views: 147
  • Patched-lk.img
    1 MB · Views: 94
  • Patched-vbmeta.img
    8 MB · Views: 99
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Oct 20, 2018
Not to sound like a newbie or that im complaining.... But for those of us who dont know how or what the we are supposed to do with your github twrp since there's no instructions their either why not explain here what we need to do to install your twrp thats prebuilt? Or how the hell to build since nowhere in the folder is there a recovery.img or twrp.img at all... I havent done any of this since android 5.0 and all this new gsi stuff is rather confusing for those of us who havent kept up with or dont have experience with building stock roms or even working stock images.... Not to mention building a recovery image on a phone is more complicated then doing so on pc and with termux being dead that makes it more complicated for me as idk know how else I would achieve building such a image from a non rooted device and without a PC.... Sure we could flash your pre-rooted images but dont that defeat the purpose as without a custom recovery it makes flashing gsi's a bit difficult as instead of just booting recovery we got to flash thru fastboot... If that dont brick the device in the end