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    So I am one of those who have whitescreen issue, and I tried cm10.1 07/07 build and it was very smooth, so I decided to make it my daily rom.
    However there were things missing. First of all, there was no radio, Wifi tethering was not working, and there was no nfc. Not to mention the old CM sources.
    So I used the sources in theWhisp's github (awesome work there!! Thank him!) and I build CM 10.1 reverting the commit that caused whitescreen and adding all those missing features, with the sole purpose of making a fully working CM 10.1 ROM.
    Thus I made this ROM with kernel

    What's Working:
    Pretty much everything. Just to mention some things..
    -FM Radio.
    -Wifi/Bluetooth tethering
    -Bluetooth A2DP
    -No white screen (as it uses old drivers)
    -NFC (after second boot).
    -Native camera and native camcorder.
    -Offline Charging
    -BLN support (use third party apps like "BLN control" to activate)​

    Known Problems:

    -Deep sleep does not work when Bluetooth is turned on. So turn it off when you don't use it. (Only for 21/03/2014 build and later)

    So all in all it seems to be pretty close to a fully working rom. :)

    Many Thanks to theWhisp for his work (I used his sources) and his precious help! :)

    Tips (Please read before fllashing):
    -After ROM boots for first time, do the setup (enter account and such) and then DO A REBOOT! This could save you from 2 of the 4 of the below tips, and perhaps save me from questions about battery drain issues due to NFC.
    -Trebuchet (the default launcher) might present some graphical glitches. I haven't notice that in any other launcher, so perhaps it is Trebuchet only problem. Perhaps you want to use another launcher..
    -Wifi IP address will be the same after the second time you enable wifi. So when booting for first time you might want to disable wifi and re-enable it (or do a reboot :p).
    -For NFC users, after flashing ROM and booting for first time, you won't be able to turn NFC off. So don't try to do so. Instead, after first boot, do a reboot and everything should be fine.

    DOWNLOAD LINK (Suggested CWM and ROM):
    See "Downloads" Section


    Github Sources:

    Changelog (starting with build 07/07 as base):

    20/03/2014 build:
    -Add FM radio.
    -Add NFC.
    -Fix native WiFi AP.
    -Fix VoIP.
    -Fix some graphical issues (like white textures in google maps 6.x or strange smiley colors in hangouts).
    -Fix lockscreen PIN layout.
    -Latest CyanogenMod sources (including security bugfixes).

    21/03/2014 build:
    -Switch to bluedroid.
    -Fix A2DP.

    25/03/2014 build:
    -Fix WiFi IP problem.

    01/04/2014 build:
    -Fix native camcorder (thnx @raiztblack).
    -Fix offline charging.

    07/04/2014 build:
    -Fix MMS force-close.

    20/06/2014 build:
    -Maintenance (Synced with CM sources).

    25/07/2014 build:
    -Fix VPN (not tested).
    -Increase RAM to 410 Mb.
    -Remove CPU frequencies that crash the phone.

    24/08/2014 build:
    Minor Changes:
    -Remove recording capabilities in radio (didn't work anyway)
    -Theme Chooser can now apply more themes.
    -Fix native camcorder apk (no need for the @raiztblack 's apk anymore)

    16/09/2014 build:
    -Add Kernel TRIM support. (you can now use LagFix app to TRIM, AT YOUR OWN RISK).

    02/09/2015 build:
    -Stagefright bug fix

    (Note that the screenshots were taken while using Google Now Launcher and Android kitkat theme which can be found here)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    CM 10.1 Improved 07/07 build, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Mini

    ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean
    ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2014-06-20

    Created 2014-07-22
    Last Updated 2014-09-18
    OK, I just couldn't resist, so I tweaked around a little with ROM and voila! Next build (tomorrow that is ;) ;) ) will have working native camcorder AND offline charging fixed! :victory: :victory:
    Oh man i can't wait to try it thx thx thx man ;)

    Sent from my GT-S6500D using xda app-developers app

    Good because I would love some feedback:)
    Good news! @raiztblack found a gallery2.apk with working camcorder :) That means that next build will have working native camcorder! And this probably leaves only offline charging to be fixed. I will try to fix it in about two weeks that my exams will end. Cheers :highfive:
    New builds uploaded :)