[CM11][4.4.2][i9300][ROM][KERNEL][FEB26] temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V50

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Feb 28, 2013


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Dec 1, 2010
Downloading version 36.....woot!! changlog looks awesome...

I have a General Question , will appreciate if someone can help. I have a Modem DDEMG2 which is basically for India on my PC. I want to install the modem without RIL as CM uses open RIL. Can i delete RIL files from the ZIP and Install it? Or can someone guide me find modem without RIL package or does anyone know if the modem from perka's file stash contains non ril modem package?

Can any one help.

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Jul 8, 2012
have to use the latest bank core gapps right.

Tried what you said above still same camera ?

i wiped catch and dalvik then re flash Rom v35 tema and gapps latest core one. still same camera ?

You either need to remove the gapps backup script in system/addon.d then flash rom and core gapps (if you originally flashed core gapps and Google camera, there's a script for each, if you flashed standard gapps, it's just one script) or wipe system, cache and dalvik, then flash rom and core gapps.

Tapatalked that shiznit.


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Apr 15, 2012
See if V36 helps. If no may I suggest u give up on active display. Go for lockscreen notifications.

OK I have installed V36. This little bug is still there, even if I turn Active Display and Lockscreen Notifications, Reboot then test. I suspect it's close to where red eye monster code was :cyclops: since it's turning on the proximity sensor even when the active display is off.

You can test it very quickly by turn off Active display and active notifications, turn off the screen, call yourself without answering and look for the proximity sensor red led (if it exist on the N9005 too) right after you end the call from the other device. on my device the led turn on for a moment then goes off, if I cover the sensor on the moment it's on it will stay on until I uncover it.

Anyway it is just a little bug, V36 is really great!!! thanks!!! :good::good::good:
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